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baseball team that challenged the Olympic gold medal for the first time in 13 years lost to the United States. The national team will play the final match against the Dominican Republic the day after (7th) for a bronze medal.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon will deliver this news.


Manager Kim Kyung-moon changed the batting line drastically except for the hitters who were sluggish in this tournament, such as Eui-ji Yang and Jae-il Oh, but it did not have much effect.

It failed to target Ryan's high fastball, which was a high pitched ball from the US starter, and ended without a score until the 4th inning.

19-year-old rookie Eui-ri Lee, who started again after taking a break for three days, threw with all her might, but she hit Lopez in the 2nd inning and Westbrook hit a solo home run in the 4th and gave up the initiative.

The national team pursued a point with Park Hae-min's just-in-time hit in the 5th, but failed to tie the score with Kang Baek-ho's double shot in the continued one-out 1-2 base opportunity.

In the 6th inning, the rescue team collapsed.

Five relief pitchers appeared and allowed five points with four hits and two walks, effectively dividing the game.

The national team, which was only chasing one point with Oh Ji-hwan's just-time hit in the 7th inning, lost 7-2 and gave up their ticket to the finals to the United States.

Kim Kyung-moon, whose dream of winning an Olympic gold medal for the first time in 13 years has been shattered, will play the bronze medal match against the Dominican Republic at 12:00 noon the next day.

(Video coverage: Hojun Choi, video editing: Jeongtaek Lee)