An Egyptian veiled girl practicing sports in the "gym"... and Dar Al-Iftaa intervenes (video)

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip of a veiled Egyptian girl doing intense exercises in a gym, during which she appeared carrying iron weights with large weights and moved on the pull up device with amazing flexibility and agility.

The girl practiced her favorite sport in the gym, wearing the niqab and loose clothes, praising her athletic capabilities, while many followers republished the video through their accounts.

An Egyptian veiled woman who lifts weights and climbs the barbells inside a gym and makes a fuss on the communication sites # Mangaba # Egypt # Emirates # Al Ahli # Daraa_al-Balad # Daraa_under the bombardment # Zamalkawi_Seib_ Tweetah # Najwa_Karam # Tunisia

— newspaper (@maroc_aabbircom) July 29, 2021

The Egyptian newspaper "Al-Watan" said that "the appearance of the veiled girl inside one of the gyms sparked great controversy and ridicule from many men on social media, considering that it is a scene that does not fit the nature that God created women on, but she received support from many women and girls." .

She explained: "The girl was attacked sharply on the grounds that it is not permissible to mix between men and women in exercise because it is forbidden by Sharia according to their description. However, on the other hand, many supporters of the girl appeared on the grounds that sports are important for the body and mind and that the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, commanded us to practice it. Let the question arise about the conditions set by the Islamic religion for women to practice sports.

The newspaper stated that, “The Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa has set a number of conditions that girls and women must abide by when practicing sports to be legally permissible without the presence of deprivation in it. Playing sports and entering competitions for a woman is permissible according to Islamic law, if the clothes that a woman or girl wears during those competitions cover the body: that is, that the woman’s clothes do not reveal, reveal, or describe, and if these three conditions are not met, then in this case it is for women to play sports It is not legally permissible.”

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