Chinanews client, August 5, when you were 14 years old, what were you doing?

  In the women's 10-meter platform finals of the Tokyo Olympics just concluded, Quan Hongchan, the youngest of the Chinese delegation and only 14 years old, gave her own answer-she jumped out of 466.2 points and successfully won the championship!

  Quan Hongchan used a heavy gold medal to make the strongest sound that belongs to "Post 05".

  However, at this time, only four months have passed since Quan Hongchan's 14th birthday.

  In fact, when her name appeared on the entry list of the diving dream team, it had already exceeded many people's expectations.

  Because in the women's 10-meter platform, the ace event, the Chinese team has always had no shortage of celebrities who are in their prime.

At the Rio Olympics, Ren Qian turned out to win the gold medal in the event, becoming the first "post-00" Olympic champion in the history of Chinese sports.

  Zhang Jiaqi, who was born at the Tianjin National Games, and Lu Wei, who won the silver medal in the women's 10-meter platform at the Gwangju Swimming World Championships... On the Chinese diving team where famous players gathered, it was Quan Hongchan and Chen Yuxi who stood out.

  Like the senior brother Wang Zongyuan, who won 1 gold and 1 silver in the Tokyo Olympic men's 3-meter springboard competition, the postponement of the Olympics and the outstanding performance of the Olympic trials have brought Quan Hongchan's Olympic dream into reality in advance.

  In three Olympic trials, he won two single 10-meter platform championships. In the third trial, Quan Hongchan scored 440.85 points, even higher than Ren Xirio's 439.25 points when he won the championship. 1 point more.

  Quan Hongchan seized every opportunity and finally stood in the Tokyo Olympics arena.

Although she is not very old, she also reveals the steadfastness of the young and mature: "The Olympic Games is to dance five movements. Think about each movement and jump your own movements well."

  At the age of 14, for many people, it is just entering the young age. Quan Hongchan, who stood on the Olympic stage for the first time, shoulders the important task of continuing the glory of the Chinese diving team's women's 10-meter platform champion.

  At the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Quan Hongchan's senior and Chinese diving star Fu Mingxia won the championship in the women's 10-meter platform.

With an age of only 13 years and 345 days, Fu Mingxia also became the youngest Olympic champion in Asia at that time.

  Now 29 years later, Quan Hongchan is also jumping, tumbling and entering the water again and again, completing the glory inheritance of the Chinese diving dream team.

  According to media reports, Quan Hongchan's family is not well-off. His parents are farming for a living, and his mother needs medical treatment.

  "I feel like I have to earn money too, so that I can send it home to my mother for treatment." In Quan Hongchan's heart, every step she takes forward carries almost all of the family's sustenance and hope.

  With Quan Hongchan standing on the highest podium of the Tokyo Olympics, more light will shine into this once-obscured family, and she will also go one step further to the peak of her own!