Anouk Vetter is in the lead of the heptathlon at the Olympic Games after four parts.

The 2016 European champion climbed to first place with her season record in the shot put and a top time in the 200 meters.

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The 28-year-old Vetter recorded a time of 23.81 in the 200 meters.

Only the Belgian Norwegian Vidts (23.70) and Maria Vicente (23.50) from Spain were faster.

Emma Oosterwegel and Nadine Broersen also came out strong in the 200 meters.

Oosterwegel set a personal best with 23.25 and Broersen ran her best time of the season with 25.57.

Vetter was still in second place before the 200 meters.

Because her Belgian competitor Nafissatou Thiam finished in the middle, Vetter took the lead in the standings.

In the general classification, Vetter has 3,968 points with three parts to go, 27 points more than number two Vidts.

Thiam occupies third place with 3,921 points.

Oosterwegel (3,752) is eleventh and Broersen (3,655) finds himself in seventeenth place.

Earlier on Wednesday, Anouk Vetter already set a season record in the shot put.

Earlier on Wednesday, Anouk Vetter already set a season record in the shot put.

Photo: AFP

Vetter set season record in shot put

Earlier on Wednesday, Vetter came to 15.29 meters in the shot put, her furthest shot of the season.

That distance was also good for a third place.

Broersen (14.50 meters) finished sixth in the shot put and Oosterwegel (13.28) came in tenth distance.

Vetter did not qualify for Tokyo until late.

She secured her ticket this summer with second place in 6,420 points at the all-around in Götzis, Austria.

The Arnhemse is the European champion of 2016 in Amsterdam.

In 2017 she won bronze at the World Championships in London.

The heptathlon will conclude on Thursday with the long jump, the javelin throw and the 800 meters.

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