The Tokyo Olympics are the 13th day of the Games.

We will inform you about the results of each match and information related to the tournament.

Decathlon Men's Athletics Begins (9:00)

On land, the competition started at 9 am with 10 men's decathlon.

As for Japanese players, Takuto Kominami will participate in the men's throwing qualifying from 9:05 am, and Shunsuke Izumiya and Taio Kanai will participate in the semifinals of the men's 110 meters hurdles from 11:00 am. In this event, we aim to advance to the finals for the first time as a Japanese player.

Women's Marathon Swimming Yumi Kida ranked 13th

Japan's Yumi Kida, who has participated in the women's marathon swimming for the third consecutive tournament, was 13th.

Golf girl Hataoka starts

Nasa Hataoka started in Group 5 after 8 am in the women's first round.

22-year-old Hataoka is in good shape, finishing second in the US Women's Open at this year's major overseas tournament, and winning her fourth US tour last month.

Golf girls start (7:30)

The golf women's competition has begun, and Nasa Hataoka and Mone Inami will participate from Japan.

In the first round, at 7:30 am, the first group of Inami players hit a tee shot and the competition started.

Women's Lason Swimming begins (6:30)

Women's marathon swimming has begun.

Marathon swimming is held at Odaiba Kaihin Park, and 36-year-old Yumi Kida from Japan has participated in three consecutive tournaments.