(Tokyo Olympics) General news: The National Table Tennis Men's and Women's Team advances to the final and the Chinese women's basketball team stops in the quarterfinals

  China News Agency, Tokyo, August 4 (Reporter Wang Zumin) On the 12th day of the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese Army, which did not play in the superior event, encountered an unexpected second gold-free day, but the victory in several semi-finals was for the Chinese team. One step to win gold lays the groundwork.

  Although there was no gold on the 4th, the Chinese team with 32 gold still occupies the top spot. The US team (25 gold), which won a gold medal that day, came second, and the Japanese team (21 gold), which won 2 gold, ranked third.

National Table Tennis Men's and Women's Team Advancing to the Finals

  The Chinese men's and women's table tennis team swept their opponents in the semi-finals on the 4th and went one step further on the way to the team's title defense.

  The women's team semi-finals replicated the Rio Olympic Women's Team finals. The Chinese team composed of Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, and Wang Manyu defeated the German team 3:0 and joined the advancement Japanese team in the final.

Chinese team player Chen Meng (left)/Wang Manyu in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  After the game, the new women's singles champion Chen Meng said that he has been looking forward to this final for a long time, "the three of us will go all out to match our own style and level."

"Little Witch" Sun Yingsha said, she will be prepared for difficulties, but she is confident in the finals.

  The originally predicted table tennis men's team Sino-Japanese duel was "changed" because of the strong resistance of the German team.

Ma Long Xu Xin in the game.

  The national table tennis men's team swept the South Korean team 3:0 in the team semi-finals that day, leading the way to the final.

In the other semi-final that night, the Japanese team and the German team fought for 5 sets. In the end, Ocharov, who called the Chinese team "see you in the final" before the game, led the German team to eliminate the host 3:2, and it really went against the Chinese team. "See you in the final."

  In a semi-final in the boxing arena, the Chinese team also made good news.

32-year-old veteran Gu Hong defeated the third seed of the tournament and US player Jones in the women's 69 kg semi-finals to advance to the final.

  The women's boxing 69 kg final will be held on the 7th. As the second seed of the tournament, Gu Hong will face the top seed and Turkish star Sumenelli.

Chinese women's basketball team stops in the quarterfinals

  As the "only seedling" of China's three major goals in the Tokyo Olympics, the quarter-finals of the Chinese women's basketball team have attracted more attention.

Regrettably, the high hopes of the Chinese women's basketball team lost to the Serbian team by 7 points (70:77) and missed the semi-finals. So far, China's three major goals (excluding three-person basketball) have all been eliminated in the Olympic Games.

On August 4, local time, Chinese team player Li Yueru (middle) made a layup during the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  Although the Serbian team is the Rio Olympic bronze medalist, their performance and results in the group stage are inferior to the Chinese team. Before the game, the Chinese women's basketball team is more optimistic about the winner of this battle.

  When the quarter-finals started, the Chinese women's basketball team did give people hope of winning. At the end of the first three quarters, they led by 58:49 by 9 points.

But in the last quarter, the Chinese women's basketball team collapsed, losing 16 points at 12:28 in a single quarter, completing the opponent and advancing to the semi-finals.

  After the game, the Chinese women's basketball coach Xu Limin believed that the Chinese women's basketball team lost due to poor rebounds and too many turnovers.

But he said that the Chinese women's basketball team has shown the potential for future development in this Olympics, and he believes that "the Chinese women's basketball team will stand on the podium of the Olympics in the future."

Synchronized swimming won the runner-up runner-up marathon swimming and won the eighth place

  The Chinese synchronized swimming team, determined to hit the gold medal, was still unable to break the monopoly of the Russian team and won the runner-up in the two-person competition on the 4th.

  In the final that night, Huang Xuechen/Sun Wenyan performed the "snake" theme with an outstanding performance and won a high score of 192.4499, but they still couldn't shake the dominance of the Russian team.

At the Rio Olympics, the double silver medalist in synchronized swimming was the "Snow Goose" combination.

On the evening of August 4th, the double free choice final of synchronized swimming for the Tokyo Olympics was held. The Chinese combination Huang Xuechen/Sun Wenyan won the runner-up and the Russian Olympic team won the championship.

The picture shows Huang Xuechen/Sun Wenyan in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  In another swimming event that was also highly expected of the day, Chinese athletes missed the medal-in the women's 10km marathon swimming event in open water, Xin Xin, the world champion and the fourth place in the Rio Olympics, took 2 hours to 0 The score of 10 seconds 1 ranked eighth.

  In the men's 110-meter hurdles semifinal, Xie Wenjun, who participated in the Olympic Games for the third time, still couldn't cross the "hurdle" leading to the final.

At 13:58, this injury-related performance is still lower than the 13.51 he ran 13 years ago.

On August 4th local time, Chinese player Zheng Ninali communicated with the coach in the track and field women's heptathlon shot put competition.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  At the women's track and field heptathlon, 22-year-old Zheng Nina started her Olympic debut as a Chinese athlete.

This Sino-German mixed race was Canadian and was the first naturalized athlete in Chinese track and field. Her grandmother was Zheng Fengrong, the first high jumper in China to break the world record.

  After finishing the 100-meter hurdles, high jump, shot put and 200-meter competitions on the 4th, Zheng Nina, with a total of 3754 points, temporarily ranked 10th.