Good morning and welcome to this live blog.

My name is Menno Waebeke and I will keep you informed about the twelfth day of the Olympic Games.

  • Day twelve:

  • Water polo players eliminated in quarterfinals

  • Phenomenal team sprinters to gold

  • Athletes well through morning session

  • Bronze for sailing duo Bekkering/Duetz

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Synchronized swimming · in 4 days

The De Brouwer sisters are provisionally fourth in the technical routine of synchronized swimming.

The twins will wait in suspense if it is enough for a place in the final, thirteen other duos will follow, the best twelve will continue.

Athletics in 4 days

Ai, Menno Vloon doesn't manage to jump over 5.70 meters.

The Dutchman is therefore eliminated in the final in the pole vault, a disappointment for Vloon who reached a height of 5.96 meters earlier this season.

Athletics in 4 days

Sour moment for Mike Foppen: in his series on the 5,000 meters, the Netherlands suffers an injury.

He has to get out and not go to the semi-finals.

Football · in 4 days

Brazil has qualified for the final in football.

The Brazilians, with Ajax player Anthony in the base, beat Mexico on penalties.

The opponent comes from the other semifinal between Spain and host country Japan.

Athletics in 4 days

Menno Vloon's first attempt at 5.70 meters fails, the Dutchman gets two more chances to bridge the height.

in 4 days

Synchronized swimming · in 4 days

Bregje and Noortje de Brouwer currently have the second score during the technical routine in synchronized swimming.

The Dutch received 175.4279 points for their technical cure, the best twelve qualify for the final.

It will be exciting, because the De Brouwer sisters were in tenth place after yesterday.

There are still 21 participants.

Athletics in 4 days

Menno Vloon has now started his final in the pole vault.

The Dutchman has easily crossed the first height of 5.55 meters, the difference will not be made here yet.

Gymnastics · in 4 days

Bart Deurloo is seventh in the final of the high bar with a score of 12,266 points.

Deurloo fell off the horizontal bar and could therefore forget a good score.

The gold goes to the Japanese Daiki Hashimoto.

Gymnastics · in 4 days


Bart Deurloo falls from the horizontal bar and can forget a good score, sour for the Dutchman.

Gymnastics · in 4 days

Bart Deurloo will soon be the last to start his exercise in the final of the horizontal bar.

The Croat Srbic is in the lead with a score of 14,900 points.

in 4 days

Water polo · in 4 days


The Netherlands lose 11-14 to Hungary and are out of the Olympic tournament.

Extremely sour for the water polo women who were not inferior to the Hungarians.

Water polo · in 4 days

11-13 for Hungary, the margin is again two and so it seems to be over for the Netherlands in this quarterfinal.

Water polo · in 4 days

A hand injury to the Hungarian goalkeeper and so requests a Hungary time-out.

There are still 56 seconds on the clock, the Netherlands is 11-12 behind and Hungary has the ball.

Water polo · in 4 days


A long shot from Dagmar Genee thus falls into the Hungarian goal, the water polo players need one more goal to equalize.

Water polo · in 4 days

Hungary now makes another small gap and comes to 10-12, the water polo women have to find the game at the end of the third quarter.

in 4 days

Water polo · in 4 days

Five more minutes! 

Hungary takes a small 11-10 lead in the pool in Tokyo.

Can the Netherlands pull this match out of the fire?

Water polo · in 4 days

Fantastic goal by Van der Kraats in the fourth quarter, it is 10-10!

Water polo · in 4 days

End of third quarter! 

The Netherlands fights all the way back into the game, Van der Kraats puts the 9-10 on the board just before time.

Suddenly it can go either way!

Gymnastics · in 4 days

Bart Deurloo will start his final on the horizontal bar.

The Dutchman will have to rise above himself today to have a chance of winning a medal.

Water polo · in 4 days

The Dutch women are now having a very difficult time against Hungary, in the third quarter the Netherlands is 7-10 behind.

It seems to be a very difficult story for the water polo players.

National coach Arno Havenga immediately requests a time-out.

in 4 days

Sailing · in 4 days

Earlier today, Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz won bronze in the 49eFX class.

They also received their bronze medal in Tokyo.

Track cycling · in 4 days

The track cyclists have just received their gold medal.

Lavreysen, Van den Berg, Büchli and Hoogland are beaming on the podium.

Gymnastics · in 4 days

Simone Biles takes bronze on beam!

The American has been struggling with mental problems lately and as a result, among other things, failed to participate in the Nations Cup.

Biles shows mental toughness today and takes a nice bronze medal.

Water polo · in 4 days

End of second quarter! 

The Netherlands is still looking at a very narrow deficit (7-8) against Hungary halfway through.

There is nothing wrong with the Dutch women yet, but the deficit will have to be turned around in the second part for a semi-final place.

Water polo · in 4 days

It is still incredibly exciting, we are in the second quarter of this quarterfinal.

The Netherlands is level, it will come down to the details today!

in 4 days

Water polo · in 4 days

End of the first quarter!

The Netherlands is behind Hungary 3-4, but the teams are very evenly matched.

Simone van der Kraats shows her good form and has already scored twice.

Water polo · in 4 days

It goes very evenly in the first quarter, the Netherlands takes a narrow 3-2 lead.

Few goals left in the first minutes of this exciting quarterfinal.

Water polo · in 4 days

We started in Tokyo, the Netherlands must beat Hungary for a place in the semi-finals!

Water polo · in 4 days

From the track in Izu we go to the swimming pool in Tokyo.

The Dutch water polo women are preparing for the quarterfinals against Hungary.

The Hungarians came second in their group and so it will be a difficult job for the Dutch ladies.

Track cycling · in 4 days

The Dutch track cyclists have had a fantastic start to their Olympic tournament, but there are still plenty of medal opportunities in the coming days.

Harrie Lavreysen is the top favorite in the individual sprint and the keirin.

Track cycling · in 4 days

Roy van den Berg: 'I am so proud of these guys'

Roy van den Berg was the starter of the team sprinters, after the golden race the track cyclist is especially proud: "It really has to sink in for a while, it is bizarre what we Because of the corona pandemic we had to train on our own, but what we have achieved here as a team... Damn, I'm so proud of everyone. On these guys, the staff members, it's not normal how beautiful this is ."

Track cycling · in 4 days

Gold for the Netherlands! 

The Dutch men outclass the British and set a new Olympic record in 41.369 seconds!

Halfway through, the Netherlands was already ahead of Great Britain and the British then started to make big mistakes.

The difference at the finish line is more than three seconds.

A phenomenal gold medal for Jeffrey Hoogland, Harrie Lavreysen, Matthijs Büchli and Roy van den Berg!

Track cycling · in 4 days

The Netherlands is halfway ahead of Great Britain, can Jeffrey Hoogland finish it for gold?

Track cycling · in 4 days

There are Lavreysen, Hoogland and Van den Berg.

Winning against the British is all that matters, times don't matter.

Track cycling · in 4 days

France surprisingly takes the bronze at the expense of Australia, now it's finally the turn of the Netherlands!

Track cycling · in 4 days

The start for the Dutch men is slightly delayed by two false starts in the battle for fifth place between Germany and Russia.

The Russians start too fast for the second time and are disqualified.

Track cycling · in 4 days

There is something special in the air today at the stadium in Izu.

The German women are just two seconds off their slightly earlier established world record in the team pursuit.

Track cycling · in 4 days

The Dutch track cyclists will prepare for the battle for gold at 10.44 am.

Hoogland, Lavreysen and Van den Berg have to compete against Great Britain.

The Netherlands clocked a time of 41.431 seconds in the first round.

The British were just above that with a time of 41.829.

It will be very exciting, can the Netherlands add a sixth gold medal after today?

Track cycling · in 4 days

The Netherlands takes back the Olympic record! 

What a race from Van den Berg, Lavreysen and Hoogland.

They set their third fastest time ever with 41.431 seconds and can prepare themselves for the Olympic final against Great Britain.

Track cycling · in 4 days

What a time of Britain!

Owens, Carlin and Kenny set 41.829 seconds and set another Olympic record!

The Netherlands has to drive under 42.103 seconds from Australia, it is now the three men's turn.

Track cycling · in 4 days

After the drama in the team pursuit, we started again with the team sprint.

Australia again improves the Olympic record and sets a sharp time of 42.103 seconds.

The Netherlands must finish in the best two times to be able to compete for gold.

Track cycling · in 4 days

Drama in that same team pursuit!

The Danes are on their way to a fantastic time but are overthrown by a British rider, who had missed the connection with his team-mates.

Normally you then steer away upwards, but the Briton was the third rider and had to continue cycling.

The Danish men have never seen the Brit drive and they are full of it!

Track cycling · in 4 days

It's raining world records on the track in Japan.

Now the Italian men are riding to a world record in the team pursuit.

Italy, with world champion time trial on the road Filippo Ganna in the team, achieves an average of 64.7 kilometers per hour!

Track cycling · in 4 days

The Netherlands will make its appearance in the first round against Poland at 9.59 am.

The last man of qualifying, Matthijs Büchli, is replaced by Jeffrey Hoogland.

Can the men drive even faster?

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