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Tokyo Olympics, our women's table tennis team lost to Germany and unfortunately did not reach the semi-finals. The youngest, 17-year-old Shin Yu-bin, who was always bright, shed tears to apologize to her sisters.

By Park Chan-beom.


Korea, ranked 4th in the world, started off smoothly against Germany, which is ranked 3rd.

The seasoned 'eldest sister' Jeon Ji-hee and the youngest ace Shin Yu-bin played in doubles and won the first game after a full set battle.

After conceding a second singles game and allowing a tie, Jeon Ji-hee took the lead again with a complete win in the third single.

Shin Yu-bin's fourth single was the winner.

Shin Yu-bin struggled with German Han Ying's defensive table tennis, which cannot be seen in Korea, and ended up kneeling 3 to 1.

In the end, Choi Hyo-joo, who was in the final singles, collapsed and suffered a comeback defeat, and the quarterfinals were frustrated.

Shin Yu-bin shed tears of regret.

[Shin Yu-bin / National Table Tennis Representative: Ji-hee unnie did a good job, but I feel very sorry that I couldn't keep up. To Hyojoo unnie... .]

[Jeon Ji-hee: No, good job, good job] The

Korean women's table tennis challenge stopped in the quarterfinals, but the men's table tennis team will continue to challenge for a medal in the semi-final against China tomorrow.

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Olympic wrestling leader Ryu Han-soo, who is the symbol of Korean wrestling, unfortunately ended in the last Olympic Games.

In the Greco-Roman type 67kg class round of 16, I lost my tears by one point.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Kim Byung-jik)

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