Shin Jae-hwan won the men's vault in gymnastics with a stable performance. In the event where Yang Hak-seon won the gold medal at the London Olympics, our athlete again climbed to the top of the podium for the first time in 9 years.

This is the first news reporter Kwon Jong-oh.


Shin Jae-hwan, who finished first in the preliminary round, was full of confidence.

In the first period, I tried the most difficult 'Yonekura' technique, which rotates three and a half laps with the chopping board on its side.

Although the landing was a bit shaky, Jaehwan Shin expressed satisfaction and scored 14.733 points.

The second period was even better.

He showed the skill of 'Female 2' with a difficulty score of 5.6 where he turned the board forward and rotated two and a half times, and he achieved 14.833 points by digesting it to perfection.

Shin Jae-hwan scored an average of 14.783 points, equal to Denis Ablyazin of Russia by 1/1,000 points.

In this case, according to the rules, the rankings are determined by the highest scores of the two players, and Shin Jae-hwan's second highest peak was 0.033 points ahead of the gold medal dramatically.

It is the second Olympic gold medal in Korean gymnastics history, following Yang Hak-seon nine years ago.

Shin Jae-hwan embraced and moved with director Shin Hyeong-wook, who led him to the cutting board.

[Shin Jae-hwan/Men's Vaulting Gold Medalist: (The moment when gold is confirmed) 'Wow, this is it' It was just this feeling. I don't know how happy I am right now because I can't feel it. (How do you feel?) It is heavy.]

Hak-sun Yang, who could not make it to the finals due to chronic injuries, also applauded and cheered for the juniors enthusiastically.

[Yang Hak-seon / National Gymnastics National Team: The fact that he made no mistakes and showed everything he had in such a big competition and came down… So I think I won the gold medal.]

Shin Jae-hwan, who announced the birth of a new emperor, is now looking at the Paris Olympics three years later.

(Video coverage: Seol Seol-hwan, Video editing: Park Soo-sun)  

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