Simone Biles, an American ace who missed multiple events such as individual all-around, was a gymnast girl at the Tokyo Olympics and won the bronze medal in the final of the balance beam for each event.

Biles has won four gold medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, group and individual, and by discipline, and has won the world championships with 19 gold medals, the highest number for both men and women.

Biles was the top individual overall in the women's qualifying held on the 25th of last month, and even by event, he advanced to the finals in all four events.

However, in the group final on the 27th, he did not perform after the second event, and the reason was "This tournament was very stressful due to various factors such as postponement of one year and holding with no spectators." He also missed the all-around final as "to focus on mental health issues."

In the finals by event held by the 2nd, 3 out of 4 events were missed, but I participated in the balance beam final held on the 3rd as planned.

Biles succeeded in a difficult technique of stretching one leg and turning in a crouched position, and when he decided to land without any disturbance, he smiled after the performance.

Biles marked 14.000 to become a bronze medal and finished the tournament with two medals, including the silver medal of this tournament group.

"Mental problems need to be taken more seriously"

Simone Biles said, "I'm feeling better than I used to be, so I thought I'd try acting again before the end of the Olympics. Still, I'm still not in good shape, so I went back to America. It is necessary to make time for medical treatment. "

He added, "Because we are human beings, spiritual things have a great influence on our performance. I think athletes need to take mental issues more seriously."