Our women's golf team starts the game after a while. Rio Olympic champion Park In-bee, Ko Jin-young, Kim Se-young, and Kim Hyo-joo have collaborated on 45 victories on the LPGA Tour, and the 'Dream Team' will challenge for the Olympic gold medal for the second time in a row.

Seong-ryong Ha is a reporter from Saitama, Japan.

<Reporter> The

women's team started their journey to the Tokyo Olympics by taking a commemorative photo in front of the men's team and the five-wheeled flag after the tournament.

The players who went to the practice round wearing uniforms engraved with 'Korea' checked the course thoroughly by cooling them with ice packs even in the heat of 35 degrees Celsius.

World 2nd Jin-young Ko, 3rd Place Park In-bee, 4th Place Kim Se-young, and 6th Place Kim Hyo-joo, all of the players who jointly won 45 LPGA career wins are considered candidates for the championship.

We named the team 'Aven Juice' to convey the sweet news of medals.

Park In-bee, who overcame a finger injury five years ago and achieved the 'Golden Grand Slam', is aiming for the top spot for the second time in a row.

[Park In-bee/Rio Olympic Gold Medalist: I also work hard and the athletes work hard so that I can put the Korean flag on the highest point.] The

first day group formation is interesting, Park In-bee, along with Lydia Ko and Feng San-san, belonged to the Rio Olympic medalist group. , Jin-young Ko will face off against Nelly Corda for the first and second place in the world rankings.

[Jinyoung Ko / 2nd place in the world of women's golf: I want to play the long-awaited Olympics with no regrets because it is delayed by a year, and I hope I get good results.]

Coach Se-ri Pak emphasized the importance of the short game.

[Se-ri Pak / Coach of Women's Golf Team: The rough is long, but the grass is quite tough, so there are quite a few holes around the green where it is difficult to approach chip shots.]

Unlike the men's, the world's top rankers mobilize for the women's game, a fierce battle of stars for medals. This will unfold.