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    100 meters hurdles, final

  • Nadine Visser

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    sailing, medal race

  • Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz

  • Hassan despite fall through at 1,500 m

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Athletics · in 3 days


Visser cannot keep up with the pace on the last meters and seems to finish fifth.

We are waiting for the final result.

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn is sure of the gold with a time of 12.37.

Athletics · in 3 days

Another 50 meters -

Visser is around fourth place, the big favorite Camacho-Quinn seems well on his way to victory.

Athletics · in 3 days


Nadine Visser is apparently well away in lane three.

in 3 days

Athletics · in 3 days

The eight athletes are introduced one by one.

Just a few minutes until the starting gun!

Athletics · in 3 days

The best times during the semifinals:

  • Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (Pur) -


  • Britany Anderson (Jam) -


  • Kendra Harrison (US) -


  • Tobi Amusan (Nig) -


  • Megan Tapper (Jam) -


  • Nadine Visser (Ned) -


  • Devynne Charlton (Bah) -


  • Gabriele Cunningham (US) -


  • Athletics · in 3 days

    A great moment for Nadine Visser: she is the first Dutch person ever to take action during the Olympic final in the 100 meter hurdles.

    The North Holland player reached the final with a time of 12.63.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Due to the cancellation of Jamile Samuel, we will see another Dutch one later today (from 12.25 pm) in the person of Dafne Schippers during the semifinals of the 200 meters.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Unsubscribe Jamile Samuel! 

    The Dutch flag is still projected on the track, but Jamile Samuel is nowhere to be seen.

    The Dutchman has withdrawn with a minor injury for her performance in the 200 meters.

    in 3 days

    Athletics · in 3 days

    On to the last and seventh series.

    Who will Jamile Samuel compete with for a place in the semifinals?

    • Jenna Prandini (US)

    • Kristina Knott (Philippines)

    • Maja Mihalinec (Slovenia)

    • Gina Bass (Gambia)

    • Riley Day (Australia)

    Athletics · in 3 days

    A surprise in the fifth series of the 200 meters!

    Shericka Jackson, the number three in the hundred meters, will hit her head.

    She is unable to compete in her favorite part in the semi-finals.

    The Jamaican deliberately holds back and is beaten in the last meters by the Italian Dalia Kaddari.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Meanwhile in the long jump in action: JuVaughn Harrison.

    The American is the only athlete to compete in both the high jump and long jump at these Games.

    He did not compete for the medals in the high jump yesterday, because he finished seventh.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    At 4.18 pm we see the second Dutch in the series of the 200 meters in action.

    Just like Schippers, 29-year-old Jamile Samuel previously registered for the 100 meters and focuses on the 200 meters and the 4x100 relay.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Schippers: 'Didn't want to waste energy'

    The Olympic athletics tournament has finally started for Dafne Schippers.

    "I am glad that the head is off, but it is still very difficult to find", she says after her third place in the second series in front of the camera of the



    Schippers ran for a long time in third place, but was almost overtaken by the German Lisa Marie Kwayie on the last meters.

    "I didn't want to waste too much energy and just had to get through this series. It worked."

    in 3 days

    Athletics · in 3 days


    Schippers lets it run a bit in the last meters and is almost overtaken by the German Lisa Marie Kwayie.

    She still finishes third with a time of 23.13 and goes to the semi-finals.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Another 100 meters -

    Schippers comes out of the bend well and apparently runs in third place.

    Fraser-Pryce is clearly in the lead.

    Athletics · in 3 days


    The Olympic adventure has finally begun for Dafne Schippers.

    Can she qualify for the semi-finals?

    Athletics · in 3 days

    With these six women, Dafne Schippers will start in the 200 meters.

    The best three per series plus the three fastest time advance to the semi-finals.

    In total there are seven series.

    • Beatrice Masilingi (Namibia)

    • Lucia Moris (South Sudan)

    • Najma Parveen (Pakistan)

    • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Jamaica)

    • Rafalia Spanoudaki (Greece)

    • Lisa Marie Kwaylie (Germany)

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Following Sifan Hassan, Dafne Schippers and Jamile Samuel also hope to qualify for the semi-finals.

    The two hopes to do that in the 200 meters.

    • 3.38 pm:

      Series 2 with Dafne Schippers 

    • 4.18 pm:

      Series 7 with Jamile Samuel

    in 3 days

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Hassan's impressive comeback is clearly reflected in her times.

    Sifan Hassan's final lap splits 👀last 400m - 61.1 (includes the fall)last 300m - 43.8last 200m - 29.6last 100m - 15.2


    AuthorFloTrackMoment of places01: 04 - August 2, 2021

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Hassan's great comeback has also been noticed abroad.

    Dutch star Sifan Hassan (who is attempting to win gold in the 1,500, 5K and 10K) falls just before the bell in the first round of the women's 1,500m.BUT…she gets back up and wins her heat in 4:05.17.WHAT ?!



    Author Chris ChavezMoment of places00: 55 - August 2, 2021

    Athletics · in 3 days

    The moment when we thought: cross it and on to the other two distances.

    Nothing could be further from the truth: Hassan is unstoppable and finishes first in her series.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    The top six of the second series:

  • Sifan Hassan -


  • Jessica Hull -


  • Elinor Purrier -


  • Gaia Sabbatini -


  • Lemlem Hailu -


  • Diana Mezulianikova -


  • Athletics · in 3 days


    Wow, what a show of power!

    She doesn't do it the way she hoped, but Hassan still runs for the fastest time.

    Hassan can prepare for the semi-finals on the 1,500 meters (Wednesday), but first of all the final of the 5,000 meters later today.

    in 3 days

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Another 100 meters -

    Hassan quickly reconnects, can she still join the best six?

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Another 300 meters -

    Hassan gets up very quickly and starts the chase.

    This will cost energy, but can it limit the damage?

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Another 400 meters -

    Fall Sifan Hassan!

    The Dutch can no longer avoid the falling Edinah Jebitok and also goes to the ground.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Another 700 meters -

    Hassan continues to follow relaxed in the tail of the group.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Another 1,100 meters -

    Sifan Hassan starts the way we often see her.

    She is in the back of the group together with the Uruguayan Maria Pia Fernandez.

    Athletics · in 3 days


    The fifteen athletes including Sifan Hassan are on their way.

    Hassan is by far the strongest of the field based on the world ranking.

    She is the number one in the world.

    LemLem Hailu from Ethiopia is then the fourteenth best in this ranking.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    The six women who reach the semifinals after the first heat:

    Gabriela Debues-Stafford


    Laura Muir

    (Great Britain),

    Winny Chebet


    Sara Kuivisto


    Freweyni Gebreezibeher

    (Ethiopia) and

    Kristiina Maki

    ( Czech Republic).

    Incidentally, in addition to the first six per heat, the six other women with the best times also continue.

    Athletics · in 3 days

    Hassan will soon run in the second series of the 1,500 meters.

    She will undoubtedly want to save some energy, because later today (2.40 pm Dutch time) she will take action during the final of the 5,000 meters.

    Her goal for now is simple: to finish in the top six women of her series.

    Olympic Games · in 3 days

    The Dutch will be in action in the coming hours:

    • 2:35 am: 1,500 meters, first lap

    • Sifan Hassan

    • 3.38 am: 200 meters, first lap

    • Dafne Schippers and Jamile Samuel

    • 4.50 am: 100 meters hurdles, final

    • Nadine Visser

    Olympic Games · in 3 days

    Olympic program August 2: these Dutchmen take action

    Olympic Games · in 3 days

    It's time for the tenth sports day at the Olympics.

    The enthusiast is mainly entertained in the first hours with Dutch input from the Olympic Stadium.

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