Dafne Schippers was almost eliminated on Saturday in the 200 meters series at the Olympic Games in Tokyo due to an error of judgment.

The two-time world champion saved himself on the last part, but that meant that the number four and five came eerily close.

"I tried to waste as little energy as possible for the semi-finals later today. I did that, but two runners were closer to me than I thought. I thought I had more control," said Schippers, who scored 23.13. the third time ran in her series.

The number one through three of each series continued and the number four may only continue if the time is right.

Schippers was one hundredth faster than the German Lisa-Marie Kwayie (23.14) and three hundredths than the Greek Rafalia Spanoudaki (23.16).

"So it was just right," said Schippers.

"Maybe I made it a little too exciting."

The 29-year-old from Utrecht is happy that the Games have finally started for her, although she was not completely satisfied with her first race.

"Certainly the corner was not great."

Dafne Schippers during the 200 meter series.

Dafne Schippers during the 200 meter series.

Photo: ANP

'I don't know what I'm capable of'

In recent years, the series has invariably been a formality for Schippers and the semi-finals have not been a huge challenge either.

In Tokyo it is different for the Olympic silver winner five years ago, who has been struggling with back problems for a long time and is far from the best times of her career.

"I have to run very fast to even have a chance at a final. I feel okay now, but it's crazy to enter a tournament like that. I don't know what I'm capable of either."

Schippers does expect that she will run a lot faster in the semi-finals.

"But I don't know if that is enough. There is considerable competition, partly due to innovations. In the past there were three or four who ran fast, then you reached the final in no time. Now there is a large group that is under 22.50 runs. I really have to give everything."

The semi-finals of the 200 meters start on Monday at 12.25 pm (Dutch time) and the final battle is on Tuesday at 2.50 pm.

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