Nozomi Tanaka, who participated in this event for the first time as a Japanese team in the Tokyo Olympics, 1500 meters of track and field women's qualifying group, finished 4th in the time of 4: 2: 33, breaking his own Japanese record, and advanced to the semifinals. I decided.

Ran Urabe, who participated in the second group, set a personal best of 4: 07.90, but did not advance to the semi-finals.

Tanaka "Time as targeted"

Tanaka, who decided to advance to the semi-finals at the Tokyo Olympics, 1500 meters for track and field women, said, "I think I was able to run as to how much I could stick in the group. I was able to advance to the semi-finals in the time I was aiming for. I'm glad, "he recalled the race.

And, "I think that the qualifying breakthrough is the result of the challenge. I want to do my best in the semi-finals and keep the momentum to put out my personal best again," he said toward the semi-finals on the 4th. He talked about his enthusiasm.

Urabe "I want to strengthen my ability to revenge honestly and regretfully."

Urabe, who renewed his personal best in the 1500m qualifying for track and field women but lost in the qualifying, said, "I am honestly disappointed that I couldn't make the final match in the position I wanted to go because of the contact of the players in the last lap." I looked back on the race.

He also commented on his first Olympics, saying, "Because it was held in my own country, I ran with the hope that I would be able to connect to the semi-finals with the support of various people."

On top of that, he was looking ahead to three years from now, saying, "I want to strengthen my strength so that I can revenge here again."