Korean gymnast Lee Seo-jeong became the first female athlete to win an Olympic medal. Following her father, Hong-cheol Yeo, she won a bronze medal in the cutting board, the main event, and became a 'woman's medalist'.

This is Kwon Jong-oh, a reporter from Tokyo.

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Simon Biles, who was an absolute powerhouse, withdrew due to psychological pressure, Yeo-jeong Lee played a game with a high level of acting in the first stage.

He smiled brightly after digesting the skill of 'Yeojeong' with a difficulty level of 6.2 that was named after him to perfection.

He received 15.333 points, the highest among the participating players, and entered the second period with an overwhelming expression while expectations for the gold medal grew.

I tried the Yurchenko technique with a relatively easy difficulty of 5.4 points, but I made a big mistake in the landing and ended up with 14.133 points, which is 7th in the second period.

It was a big disappointment because it was a technique that had never made a mistake so far, but he finished third in the average score and took the bronze medal.

In this way, 19-year-old Yeo Seo-jeong became the first medalist in Korean women's gymnastics history.

[Lee Seo-jeong / Female Vaulting Bronze Medalist: I felt like I was rewarded because I worked really hard and prepared hard. It's the first medal I've ever won in women's history, so I'm very happy.]

Together with her father, who won a silver medal in the vault at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Seo-jeong also set a record as the first women's medalist.

[Lee Seo-jeong/Bronze medalist in female vaulting: (If you could tell your father, what could you say?) Dad, thank you for your support and waiting for so long, and I hope that you will continue to watch over me (I want to say)] The

first Ryu Seong-hyeon, 19, who challenged the medal, made frequent mistakes as if nervous, and took fourth place.

The Korean gymnastics team, who opened the door for the medal, is expecting a gold medal from Shin Jae-hwan, who finished first in the preliminary round on the 2nd.