"I ran with no regrets. I am happy."

Korean high jump Sang-hyeok Woo (25) flew to a new record.

Woo Sang-hyuk succeeded in challenging the 2.35 m in the men's high jump final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games held at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium on the 1st, and climbed to 4th, the highest ranking in Korean history.

“Sanghyuk Woo, a difficult challenge, but we are continuing a very enjoyable challenge.” In the

2.39M that followed, although it had a disappointing ending, Woo Sang-hyeok, who had already won the fight with himself, got up, smiled brightly, and proudly saluted.

"From now on, I'm young, so I think I can do it at the next Paris Olympics."

Let's watch the Tokyo Olympics moments of Woo Sang-hyeok who wrote a new history together in a video.

(Composition: Hwi-Ran Kim, Edit: Hee-Joo Cha)