August 1, Beijing time

Gong Lijiao's personal best score of 20 meters 58

Won the women's shot put champion at the Tokyo Olympics

China's power, the ultimate show!

Tokyo Olympic Cycle

32-year-old Gong Lijiao has always been the most stable gold spot in China's track and field

But in the honor roll of her career

Only the most important Olympic gold medal is missing

In the women's shot put final of the 2019 IAAF World Championships, Chinese player Gong Lijiao won the championship.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo

As the veteran of the four dynasties of the Chinese Olympics

Past Olympic trips

Full of regrets for Gong Lijiao

Gong Lijiao wins the women's shot put final at the Doha World Championships

2008 Beijing Olympics

The runner-up and third runner-up were found to be taking banned drugs

Gong Lijiao won the bronze medal

2012 London Olympics

Champion Ostapchuk drug-related gold medal was withdrawn

The project's silver medalist tested positive for drugs

Gong Lijiao once again reaped a silver medal

In the 2016 Rio Olympic women's shot put final, Chinese player Gong Lijiao's best score of 19.39 meters, ranked fourth, missed the medal.

Photo by Chinanews reporter Sheng Jiapeng

With the regret of Rio being ranked fourth

Gong Lijiao enters his fourth Olympic cycle

But the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics also once confused her.

But Gong Lijiao still doesn’t abandon his dreams or give up

She once said to herself:

"You are already a bruised veteran

For your own dreams,

Fight for the last Olympic Games!

Maybe this is life..."

Data map: Gong Lijiao in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo

Gong Lijiao once said: "This is my peak period. As long as I maintain a competitive state without injury, the Tokyo Olympics gold medal has already been caught halfway."

Repeatedly passed the Olympic gold medals

Make Gong Lijiao eager to fulfill his long-cherished wish at the Tokyo Olympics

Now, she finally ushered in the coronation moment

In the 2017 London World Championships Women's Shot Put Final, Gong Lijiao of China won the championship with 19.94 meters and won the first gold medal for the Chinese track and field team in this World Championships. This was also Gong Lijiao's first gold medal in an international competition.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

Life has a dream, worth a fight

Gong Lijiao once sighed:

"There is nothing more worth persisting than a dream."

In Tokyo, she finally realized her dream.

Thirteen years' time is complete!

Gong Lijiao is in the game.

China News Agency issued Tomita photo

Destiny may be joking with the strong

But it will definitely make the strong

In the brightest spotlight

Reunion with honor