“Tygart is known for his anti-Russian views.

Our athletes do not give him rest.

When American athletes have problems, he is quietly silent and begins to come up with various therapeutic exceptions, "Sport-Express quotes Svishchev.

According to the deputy, Tygart should be engaged in putting things in order in the American leagues, since in the United States they use drugs that are banned throughout the world.

“The publication of test results is the prerogative of WADA.

If it deems it necessary, the results will be made public.

This will definitely not be done at the call of the American anti-doping agencies, "Svishchev said.

According to the CAS decision on the dispute between WADA and RUSADA, the Russian national teams will not be able to compete at the World Championships and the Olympic Games under their own flag for two years, but at the same time they will have the opportunity to put national colors on equipment and indicate the name of the country on it.

At the Tokyo Games, the Russians represent the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) team.

Earlier it was reported that the IOC will discuss the statement of the head of USADA to the Russian athletes.