From our special correspondent in Tokyo,

A good big arbitral scandal that stains in boxing, we had missed it.

However, we had everything lined up before history not to pass for the chauvinists of service, but the evidence ended up being necessary: ​​Yes, Mourad Aliev was made swell by the referee of his match against Clarke, disqualified at four seconds of the late quarter-final he was leading, for supposedly opening the Briton's two eyebrow arches with his head.

Azeri, who landed in France at the age of six, was so outraged that he decided to sit on the edge of the ring for a good half hour in protest, supported by his trainer, Mohamed Boulakras.

"They can't go back"

The officials got together to dislodge them before getting there, but a meeting with the supervisor did not change anything, quite the contrary: "They admit that they made a mistake but as it is. written they can not reverse the decision.

It's a scandal ”, denounced in the wake Aliev at the microphone of France V. Info confirmed at 20 minutes by Patrick Wincke, DTN of French boxing until spring, and in direct connection with the French clan in Tokyo this Sunday .

🥊🇫🇷 French boxer Mourad Aliev was disqualified because of several head butts to his opponent.

an unfair decision according to the French fighter.

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- France tv sport (@francetvsport) August 1, 2021

“We are scandalized.

The Englishman is hit in the arcade from the European TQO [He was beaten by Aliev in the final, note], it is even the French doctor that he had treated that day.

He had a weakness at that level.

Okay, he opens the other arch, there are 4 seconds left, and the doctor says he can't fight anymore.

The referee decides to disqualify Mourad except that the video clearly shows that the arcade openings are due to punches, not to head shots at all!

The supervisor watched the fight twice with Mourad and with John Dovi, the team leader, he admitted that the referee was wrong, while saying that we could not go back because it is the rules are like that ”.

A complaint before the CAS

Encouraged by Brigitte Henriques, the president of the Cnosf; the president of the French Boxing Federation announced that she was going to lodge a complaint with the CAS. An appeal that unfortunately has very little chance of success. "Me, who does not come from boxing, these are things that I absolutely do not understand," laments Patrick Wincke, who however refuses to bring down the arbitration system in Tokyo. "Before there were suspicions on some referees, this is not the case, it is just a skill and regulation".

A few days ago, the tricolor clan was already indignant at the end of the fight decided for Sofiane Oumiha, while the Olympic vice-champion of Rio had not been counted as required by the regulations.

“At the time we were stunned, but the protocol that is observed after each knockout showed that Sofiane was affected, weighs Wincke.

The referee saw that he had not recovered.

Obviously, the athlete must be protected as much as possible ”.

Nevertheless, Mourad Aliev was the last chance for a medal for French boxing in Japan.

Six medals in Rio, zero in Tokyo, the descent is tough.


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