China News Service, Tokyo, August 1st, title:

(Tokyo Olympics) Su Bingtian, standing on the track of the Olympic 100-meter final

  China News Agency reporter Xing Chong

  On August 1, standing on the runway of the men's 100-meter final of the Olympic Games, Su Bingtian looked very different among the dark faces-he was the first yellow race to stand on the runway of the men's 100-meter final of the Olympic Games!

  "At this moment, I waited all my life." Su Bingtian choked after the game.

  In the 1930s, a foreign newspaper published such a cartoon: under the Olympic rings, a group of Chinese with long braids and robes, described as haggard, carried a big duck egg on a stretcher.

In the picture, "Sick Man of East Asia" is written impressively in Chinese characters.

  With the passage of time, the Chinese have achieved one surpassing one after another on the Olympic track.

Now in Tokyo, Su Bingtian, a flying man standing on the track of the 100-meter final of the Olympic Games, aroused the cheers of all Asian journalists as soon as he appeared.

A Japanese reporter said that he carried the dream of all Asia.

On the evening of August 1, Beijing time, in the men's 100m final of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese athlete Su Bingtian finished sixth with a time of 9.98 seconds. As the first Chinese to enter the men's 100m final of the Olympics, he once again made history.

The picture shows Su Bingtian in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

  The 100-meter Olympic track seems to be very short.

Su Bingtian broke out in the semifinals and measured the length of this runway in 9 seconds 83.

He set his personal best, he set an Asian record, he entered the final as the first in the semi-finals, he was the first yellow racer in history to win the first place in the 100-meter race!

  The 100-meter Olympic track seems to be very long.

It took Su Bingtian nearly ten years to go up.

The moment he saw the results in the semifinals, Su Bingtian sat on the track and roared at the camera, and all his emotions broke out at this moment.

It may be hard for the outside world to imagine that he is 32 years old this year, and he is the first Chinese sprinter who is over 30 but is still in full swing.

  On the men's 100-meter track, 10 seconds has always been the threshold for top players to break through.

Around 2012, Su Bingtian was already hovering before the 10-second mark. He realized that in order to break through, he must make changes in sprinting skills.

In 2015, he learned from Liu Xiang's experience and changed the starting foot from the right foot to the left foot. In the Eugene Diamond League that year, he ran 9 seconds 99 and became the first Asian player to open 10 seconds.

  He also ran into the final track of the World Championships that year, and was the first yellow race to stand in the 100-meter final of the World Championships.

Two years later, he also stood on the runway of the World Championships finals again.

  He has made history on the men's 100-meter track.

Just when the outside world thought that he was about to retire after success, Su Bingtian chose to stick to it.

In the 2017 winter training, he began to train with American coach Randy, breaking the past once again in various aspects such as methods and technical improvements.

  Randy encouraged Su Bingtian more than once: You have the strength of about 9 seconds 80.

Like a reborn, 29-year-old Su Bingtian ran 9 seconds 91 twice in 2018.

Even this season, the 32-year-old Su Bingtian returned from injury and ran out of 9.98 twice after his comeback.

  Now, standing on the track of the Olympic 100-meter final, Su Bingtian turned Randy's encouragement into reality.

Although he ran 9 seconds and 98th and ranked sixth in the final, he was worthy of the five-star red flag.

  "Today is the best memory of a lifetime, and today's results should be said to have not disappointed everyone." Su Bingtian, who stood on the Olympic 100-meter final track, has achieved his goal.

  In fact, the two generations of flying men also "meeted" at the moment of the Olympics.

This night Liu Xiang has been cheering for him on the Internet. Su Bingtian said that he and Liu Xiang have always been in contact, and Liu Xiang was on the scene when he broke the ten-second mark.

"Brother Xiang is not only my idol, but also my lucky god."

  In the future, more Chinese flying men will stand on the Olympic track.

Su Bingtian said that many trapeze seedlings have emerged in China now, "I am not as good as them at their age."

  Su Bingtian, standing on the runway of the Olympic 100-meter final.

This time of less than 10 seconds is enough for history to remember.