In the final of the men's 400-meter medley relay at the Tokyo Olympics, Japan finished 6th with a new Japanese record of 3: 29.91.

In Japan, the first swimmer was Ryosuke Irie, the second swimmer was Tatsuya Takera, the third swimmer was Naoki Mizunuma, and the fourth swimmer was Katsumi Nakamura, setting a new Japanese record of 3: 29.91. Was the place

Before the race, Irie, the first swimmer, said to the members, "Let's have a calm race while trying to swim firmly in the second half. Let's enjoy this atmosphere." I had a lot of thoughts, but I was honored to be the first swimmer in Japan for 10 years. Above all, I was happy to be able to swim in the final race in Japan. " ..

Takera, the second swimmer, said, "Irie's pre-race voice helped me a lot. I think the Japanese team was able to swim together."

Mizunuma, the third swimmer, said, "I didn't get the results I expected in the individual event, so I wanted to contribute to the team by giving the best performance in the relay event. There was an American dressel who set a new world record, and the waves were amazing, but I swam calmly. "

Katsumi Nakamura, the fourth swimmer, said, "I thought I had to pass because it was a close battle. I did my best because the individual event was not a good result. I was pushed back by the support of the team. I was able to swim well. "