At the awards ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, there is a medalist who presented the bouquet received as a supplementary prize to the tournament volunteers.

What I said on the day of joy in my competitive life was gratitude to the people who supported the competition.

This player is Hannes Aigner, 32 years old from Germany.

On the 30th of last month, the 8th day of the tournament, he finished 3rd in the men's kayak single in Canoe Slalom and won the bronze medal.

After the awards ceremony, Etienne presented the Victory Bouquets of sunflowers and gentian, which he received as a supplementary prize, to the women who volunteered for the tournament.

A photo posted on Twitter by the German team shows Etienne smiling and taking a commemorative photo with volunteers holding a bouquet and other volunteer women holding bronze medals.

In an interview with the German public broadcaster ZDF, Etienne said, "It's like a sign of gratitude to the Japanese people who have made all the preparations even in difficult situations."

"I really respect the volunteers who are willing to work and stand in the heat, and that's why I wanted to have a better day," he said thanks to the tournament volunteers. rice field.

The compassion that Etienne showed on the day of joy in his competitive life made the award ceremony venue even brighter.