On the bridge near the venue in Koto-ku, Tokyo, where the Tokyo Olympics and BMX bicycles are held, many people gather to see the competition at a glance, and at one point the distance between people becomes quite close. It is now in a "dense" state.

A part of the course can be seen from the bridge at the mouth of the river about 400 meters away from Ariake Urban Sports Park, which is the venue for the BMX of the bicycle competition, so many people gathered to enjoy the competition at a glance. rice field.

Then, before 11:30 am, when the men's BMX freestyle final in which Japanese player Rimu Nakamura participated began, more than 300 people gathered for a time in the section about 60 meters above the bridge, and most of them gathered. Although he is wearing a mask, he is in a "dense" state where the distance between people is quite close.

The gathered people cheered for the players' play, which could be faintly confirmed, and shot videos with their smartphones.

A 51-year-old man living near the venue said, "I saw it from here when I was watching TV yesterday, so I came here. I think everyone is watching carefully, so I don't care so much. I was talking.

In addition, a boy student in the second year of high school said, "I can see about half of the competition from here. It's crowded, but I think it's okay because everyone wears masks."