Lewis Hamilton was disappointed with the mistake he and Mercedes made on Sunday during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The British driver fell back from the lead due to a wrong choice at the restart, but eventually finished third.

After the crazy start in the rain, with many drivers dropping out, Hamilton opted to continue on intermediates at the restart, while everyone behind him dived into the pit lane to continue on slicks.

Hamilton did so a lap later, but then he had to start a huge catch-up race.

"I told the team on the lap before the restart what the track was like. The team said more rain was coming, so I thought they had other information. I saw everyone go in. Phew... Then we had a problem."

"We always make it difficult for ourselves. It was bizarre that I was the only one on the grid at the restart. But things like this happen and we have to learn from this. I gave everything, I had nothing left at the end of the race. race," said Hamilton.

Hamilton regains lead in World Cup position

Hamilton took over the lead in the World Cup position from Max Verstappen, who was one of the victims of the braking of Valtteri Bottas at the start.

He had to continue with a badly damaged car and did not get further than tenth place.

"We came to Hungary not knowing where we were. Given the circumstances today, I'm happy with a third place," said Hamilton, congratulating surprise winner Esteban Ocon and number Sebastian Vettel on their podium finishes.

"I'm very happy for Ocon. He's had a hard time lately. And for Aston Martin this is their best result so far. I'm sure there's more to come for them. It was a great race for Ocon and Vettel ."

Hamilton is four points ahead of Verstappen after 12 of the 23 Grands Prix (192 to 186 points).

Formula 1 will have a summer break in the coming weeks.

The season continues on August 29 with the Belgian Grand Prix.

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