Alpine Esteban Ocon was Sunday’s celebrated hero in Hungary on the Hungaroring track.

The 24-year-old Frenchman won the first F1 race of his career before Aston Martin veteran Sebastian Vettel.

No one could have predicted the top two in advance.

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton came in third and took the lead in the World Series.

This was because Red Bull’s Max Verstappen only got one World Championship point in 10th place.

Verstappen's car was badly damaged in a mass crash in the first start of the race, and he got almost nothing out of his car.

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The crash caused by Valtteri Bottas led to chaos, a fierce race from Hamilton

Hamilton's race, which started from the pile to the start again, was instead completely ruined by the team's mocha.

The race started in rainy signs, but by the time of the restart the track had already dried up considerably.

When the cars returned from the depot area to the track, everyone still had intermediate tires underneath, as in the original departure.

Then it started to happen.

All the other cars came to the depot in a hose, but Mercedes did not respond.

Hamilton alone turned into perhaps the strangest starting grid in F1 history: he was the only car at the starting point.

Everyone else was in the depot.

- Somehow we make these races difficult for ourselves.

Unbelievable that we were the only car in the starting grid, Hamilton, completely exhausted from his fierce driving, said after the race.

Strange sight: Lewis Hamilton starts the retreat alone from the grid, the others from the depot straight.

Image: DPPI / Zuma / MVPhotos

Even until the TV broadcast, it was reported during the warm-up tour that all other cars were coming to the depot.

Mercedes still didn't react.

- I told the team what the track was like.

They said rain was coming.

I thought they had other information.

Then I saw others dive into the depot.

It was, well ... It was how it was.

The race kicked off, and Hamilton had to come to the depot with tires in the depot lap the rest later.

He returned to the track with his tail, but began a wild ascent.

Hamilton had great difficulty skipping the tail-headed games early in the race.

When Mercedes started the depot stops on the 20th lap, the rhythm of the race changed.

The team patched up the first mocha with a good strategy later in the race.

In the first stops, Hamilton overtook several drivers and reached a brisk pace with hard tires.

The top of the race drove the rest of the race with one stop, Hamilton went to the depot again.

Hamilton, who drove with fresh tires, rose to the position of Carlos Sainz, who drove in third, and Fernando Alonso, who was fourth in curvature, despite the time lost at the stop.

Hamilton fought a fierce battle with Alonso, but eventually got past both him and Sainz in third.

In the finish, he was only about a second behind Vettel, even though he had to get up from the tail.

- Big congratulations to Esteban and Alpine.

He is a bright star in the sport, this has been his income.

A great result for Aston Martin too, Hamilton still congratulated him on his time.