In the men's 61 kg weightlifting competition at the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese athlete Li Fabin won the championship with a snatch of 141 kg, a clean and jerk of 172 kg, and a total score of 313 kg.

The picture shows Li Fabin lifting 166 kilograms in the clean and jerk competition.

Image source: Visual China

  Chinanews client, Beijing, August 1 (Xingchen Liu) The Tokyo Olympics are in full swing, and many interesting things are happening inside and outside the stadium.

This issue of the Olympic Crash Handbook for Veteran Drivers will take you to take an inventory of the "god operations" in the Tokyo Olympics.

The "Own" incident of the Polish swimming team

  On the eve of the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the Polish swimming team had an "Own Dragon" incident.

  On July 19, according to Japanese media reports, due to a mistake in the Polish Swimming Association's initial submission of the Olympic roster, six swimmers were forced to return home when they arrived in Tokyo.

There were 23 athletes in the Polish swimming Olympic delegation, but after entering the country, 6 people learned that they were not qualified for the Olympics and could not compete in the competition.

  Although the Polish Swimming Association later formally apologized, the 6 "injured" swimmers still felt strong dissatisfaction. They planned to file a "damage compensation lawsuit" against the Polish Swimming Association.

Li Wenwen performed well in the previous Asian Championships.

Image source: Official Weibo of China National Weightlifting Team

"Don't worry, I sleep on the ground"

  For environmental protection purposes, the beds in the Olympic Village this time are made of cardboard.

According to the person in charge of the Tokyo Olympic Village, this cardboard bed can withstand a weight of about 200 kg.

  On July 21, Li Wenwen, an athlete of the Chinese weightlifting team who arrived in the Olympic Village, posted a video on personal social media. Netizens had previously worried about whether Li Wenwen could sleep on a "cardboard bed" because he weighed nearly 300 kilograms.

In the video, Li Wenwen answered the questions of netizens in a humorous tone, "Don't worry, because I sleep on the ground, so there is no problem."

Olympic live broadcast suddenly changed to anime

  On July 25, the famous Japanese tennis player Kei Nishikori ushered in his first game at the Tokyo Olympics. As the "Asian Brother", he has a high popularity in Japan, and TV Tokyo also broadcasted the game live.

  But there was an unexpected scene in the game.

In the 7th game of the second set, the two sides tied for 40. When the game was in full swing, TV Tokyo interrupted the live broadcast signal and began to broadcast the cartoon.

According to the program schedule of TV Tokyo’s official website, every Sunday at 18:00 is the fixed broadcast time of the cartoon "Zhilong Lost City", which just conflicts with the game time.

In the men's 61 kg weightlifting competition at the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese athlete Li Fabin won the championship with a snatch of 141 kg, a clean and jerk of 172 kg, and a total score of 313 kg.

The picture shows Li Fabin in the clean and jerk competition.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

Adjust the center of gravity with "Golden Rooster Independence"

  On July 25, in the men's 61 kg weightlifting competition at the Tokyo Olympics, 28-year-old Chinese player Li Fabin beat Indonesian veteran Ilavan and won a gold medal.

  A scene during the game was talked about by everyone.

In the first attempt of the clean and jerk, Li Fabin tilted his body slightly after lifting the barbell, but he immediately adjusted his center of gravity by landing on one foot with a "golden rooster independent" movement.

After the game, he said, "This is a common mistake in my game, don't mislead everyone. My core strength is relatively strong, so I can break it hard, everyone don't learn from me"!

"Condom" helps players win two medals

  At this Tokyo Olympics, the organizers distributed about 150,000 condoms to the athletes.

But can you think of a player who used it to win two medals?

  Australian female athlete Jesse Fox participated in the K1 and C1 events of the women's single kayak kayaking slalom.

Before the preliminaries of the K1 competition, her kayak "front nose" was accidentally damaged, so the condom came in handy.

She used carbon fiber material to fill the tip of the boat, then stretched the condom and put it on the tip of the boat.

  It was in this "special" kayak that Fox won a gold medal and a bronze medal.

On the evening of July 31st, the first round of the men's 100-meter race in the Tokyo Olympic Games was held. Chinese athlete Su Bingtian ran a time of 10.05 seconds, ranking second in the group and successfully advancing.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

"Don't chase, give some face"

  In the men's 100-meter track and field preliminaries on the evening of July 31, Chinese star player Su Bingtian successfully advanced to the semi-finals with a time of 10.05.

  Since the top three in the group stage can advance, Su Bingtian did not use his full strength after determining the lead.

Before he was about to hit the line, he completed an action of "turning his head and looking at the moon" and stared at the players behind him. After the match, he said, "I think it's good for the group to enter the semifinals for the first three times. There is no need to fight. I looked back at the opponent because I wanted to tell him not to chase him and give him some face."