From our special correspondent in Tokyo,

There were some cold sweats, in judo and athletics for example, but the essentials were saved last night in Tokyo for the French delegation.

Two new medals will come to decorate the cupboard, we tell you all that.

The night of the French

Two more medals for the French delegation. One of which we know the color, bronze, thanks to the mixed relay of the triathlon. A consolation after the failures in individual, especially for Vincent Luis. “I would have preferred to leave with two medals around my neck for sure, but we must not spit on it, reacted the world champion, the last torchbearer. It's incredible, it's the first Olympic medal in the French triathlon, so I'm very proud of it. The other medal will be in gold or silver, for the women's rugby sevens team, which beat Great Britain in the semi-finals (26-19). Meet at 11am (French time) for the grand final against New Zealand. We will be there.

Other than that? Florent Manaudou continues to gain strength. Winner of his semi-final in the 50m freestyle, he further improved his best time of the season (21'53 against 21'65 in the playoffs). The London Olympic champion can dream of the podium tomorrow. Mélanie Hènes and Marie Wattel were however eliminated in the ladies. No worries for the basketball players, easy winners of Iran for their last group match and that we will now find in the quarter-finals.

A few fears to finish. We were very scared in judo but the France team, led 3-1 by Israel, ended up reversing the trend in the quarterfinals of the mixed tournament on an ippon of Margot Pinot in the Golden score at 3-3. In athletics, Renaud Lavillenie almost fell by the wayside at the start of qualifying (5.50m taken on the 3rd try) but recovered well and will see the final. Pierre-Ambroise only spent time in the halfs of the 800m… Unfortunately, it is already over for Mélina Robert-Michon, eliminated in qualifying for the discus throw for her sixth Olympic Games.


France, with forceps, qualifies for the semi-finals of the mixed competition after the suspense # Tokyo2020 #JeuxOlympiques

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- France tv sport (@francetvsport) July 31, 2021

Scandal of the night

It's been a long time since we got blown up in boxing, say so.

Sofiane Oumiha, silver medalist in Rio, was eliminated in the round of 16 in - 63 kg by Keyshawn Davis.

Touched by the American in the second round, Oumiha was not allowed by the referee to continue, although he seemed quite fit.

Total incomprehension in the French camp… We had not missed it.

🥊 Another contentious decision in boxing Sofiane Oumiha 🇫🇷 stopped in the round of 16 against the American Keyshawn Davis.

Brahim Asloum can't believe it # Tokyo2020 #JeuxOlympiques

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- France tv sport (@francetvsport) July 31, 2021

The night package

Still no Simone Biles at the gym.

After giving up the all-around competition, the American superstar has given up on his next two meetings, scheduled for Sunday.

This benefits Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, who was on the waiting list and will therefore compete in the uneven bars final.

Will we see Simone Biles again in these Games?

In our humble opinion, no.

The cool photo of the night

BMX freestyle, let's go.

Happiness for any self-respecting photographer.

Final tomorrow, notably with the Frenchman Anthony Jeanjean.

#BMXFreestyle is here ... # Tokyo2020

- # Tokyo2020 (@ Tokyo2020) July 31, 2021


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