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The French program 

  • Horse riding: eventing 

  • Golf: Antoine Rozner, Romain Langasque

  • Shooting: Clément Bessaguet, Jean Quiquampoix (25m men's rapid pistol)

  • Athletics: Alexandra Tavernier, Yanis Esmeralda David, Jimmy Vicaut, Rouguy Diallo, Gabriel Tual, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, Ludvy Vaillant and Wilfried Happio

  • Swimming: Florent Manaudou

  • Fencing: Egypt - France

  • Volleyball: Brazil - France

  • BMX: Anthony Jeanjean (final)

  • Sailing: Quentin Delapierre, Manon Audinet, Camille Lecointre, Aloïse Retornaz, Kévin Peponnet and Jérémie Mion, Jean-Baptiste Bernaz

  • Boxing: Mourad Aliev - Frazer Clarke (+91 kg men, quarter-final)

  • Table tennis: Hong Kong - France

  • Handball: Norway - France

  • Gymnastics: Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos

Hello everyone !

I Are there people to get up?

You will tell me the Olympics are very practical to look at under the duvet.

You should try !

Well, we have to avoid jumping when Florent Manaudou goes to fetch us the gold tonight, a back that hangs… It happens quickly!

In short, do as you feel, we are here and ready to accompany you for this new Olympic day with we still hoping for many medals!

See you at 2 a.m. with the first coffee!

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