In Rio de Janeiro five years ago, it stopped already in the qualifiers for Daniel Ståhl.

But the 28-year-old Swede came to Tokyo in great shape and as a big favorite - and lived up to everyone's expectations.

After a rather restrained first round, where Ståhl was noted with a safety throw of 63.72, the victory hit came in the second round.

The Swede then hit with 68.90, which was almost two meters ahead of the nearest competitor at that stage.

Ståhl's throw series is 63.72 - 68.90 - 65.16 - 66.10 - 67.03 - 64.58.

The final Swede of the final, Simon Pettersson, who also trains in Växjö under the Icelander Vésteinn Hafsteinsson, was noted for 66.58 in the second throw and was in third place after half the competition.

After being poked away from the podium in the fourth round, he came back with a mighty 67.39 in the fifth round and snatched the silver.

Austria's Lukas Weisshaidinger was third with 67.07 as the best record.

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ARCHIVE: Here Ståhl cheers for Johaug - from skylift (12 June 2020)

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Here, Ståhl cheers on Johaug - from the skylift