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  • LIVE: Equestrian sport, eventing, dressage individual (Merel Blom)

  • LIVE: Athletics, Men, Pole Vault, Qualifying (Menno Vloon)

  • 4.25 am: Judo, mixed teams, eighth finals, Netherlands-Uzbekistan (possibly followed by quarter-finals and semi-finals)

  • 4.32 am: Swimming, women, 50 meter freestyle, semi-finals (Femke Heemskerk and Ranomi Kromowidjojo)

  • 4:43: Swimming, mixed, 4x100 meter medley, final (Netherlands)

  • Femke Bol easily to semi-finals 400 meters hurdles

  • View the Dutch program HERE

  • View the full program HERE

Hurdles · in 17 hours

Zoë Sedney cannot follow the example of Nadine Visser and is eliminated in the 100 meter hurdles.

She finishes seventh in her series, where a place in the top four was required.

Swimming · in 17 hours

Jesse Puts finishes seventh in 21.87 and with that he is eliminated.

Despite the high tempo in the second semi-final, De Boer continues to the final in eighth position.

in 17 hours

Swimming · in 17 hours

Thom de Boer finishes third in his semifinal in a time of 21.78.

That is three hundredths slower than in his series, but De Boer seems to have good papers for a final ticket.

Swimming · in 17 hours

Thom de Boer (21.75) and Jesse Puts (21.84) were the numbers six and seven of the series in the 50 meter freestyle.

De Boer comes into action in the first semi-final, Puts in the second.

The best eight swimmers from the two semifinals qualify for the final.

Pole vault in 16 hours

Menno Vloon also managed to overcome the bar at a height of 5.65 meters in one go.

A place in the top twelve is enough to reach the final.

Of the 28 candidates, 11 have already dropped out.

Incidentally, a successful jump at 5.80 meters gives access to the final, regardless of how many other athletes do the same.

Swimming · in 16 hours

In about ten minutes Dutch people will dive into the pool for the first time.

Jesse Puts and Thom de Boer then go on the hunt for a place in the final in the 50-meter freestyle.

Athletics in 16 hours

Nadine Visser has easily qualified for the semi-finals in the 100 meters hurdles.

Visser finished second in the first series and that was more than enough for a ticket for the semi-final, for which the best four per series qualify.

In the fifth heat Zoë Sedney still takes action on behalf of the Netherlands.

in 16 hours

Gymnastics · in 16 hours

The American top gymnast Simone Biles will also not start on the jump and bridge components.

Biles is struggling with mental problems and has previously missed the Nations Cup and the individual all-around final.

After further consultation with medical staff, Simone Biles has decided to withdraw from the event finals for vault and the uneven bars.

She will continue to be evaluated daily to determine whether to compete in the finals for floor exercise and balance beam.


AuthorUSA GymnasticsMoment of places01: 29 - 31 July 2021

Swimming · in 16 hours

World record!

In the swimming pool, we see the first global record of this day in the 100-meter butterfly.

American Caeleb Dressel swims to gold in 49.45.

The old world record was 49.50.

Discus throw in 16 hours

Jorinde van Klinken's third pitch is again invalid.

That has no influence on Van Klinken's rank, she remains fourth in her group.

Later today there will be a second group, which means that Van Klinken has to remain in suspense for a while, although it looks good.

The top twelve pitchers qualify for the final.

Athletics in 16 hours

Tony van Diepen definitely failed to qualify for the semi-finals on the 800 meters hurdles.

After a disappointing run, his sixth place in the series and his time of 1.46.03 was nowhere near good enough.

Pole vault · in 15 hours

Menno Vloon has also lowered the bar of 5.50 meters and is now preparing for the jump of 5.65 meters.

in 15 hours

Discus throw in 15 hours

Van Klinken has recovered well from her invalid first throw and throws the discus 61.15 meters.

So far, only three women are doing better.

in 15 hours


A setback for Tony van Diepen, who, unusual for him, collapses completely in the last tens of meters.

He stumbles across the line in sixth and can almost certainly forget about the semi-finals.

in 15 hours

Halfway through, Van Diepen is in sixth place.

But no reason to panic yet: the last hundred meters are Van Diepen's strongest point.

in 15 hours


Tony van Diepen has started his series in the 800 meters.

Can the Dutchman join the top three and thus qualify directly for the semi-finals?

in 15 hours

It is now time for Tony van Diepen, who will start his series in the 800 meters.

The top three in each series qualify directly for the semi-finals, accompanied by the six athletes who have the best time afterwards.

There are a total of six series and eight athletes compete in each series.

in 15 hours

in 15 hours

The Olympic tournament also starts for Menno Vloon, with the qualifications for the high jump.

He makes, as most of the participants will, the jump of 5.30 meters.

in 15 hours

Jorinde van Klinken starts with an invalid pitch.

Each participant gets a total of three attempts to throw as far as possible.

in 15 hours

The women have started the qualifications of the discus throw.

Jorinde van Klinken is the Dutch representative, but it has not yet been her turn.

in 15 hours

News from the pool: Femke Heemskerk will not start in the semi-finals in the 50 meter freestyle in two hours.

Heemskerk was placed sixteenth and will focus entirely on the final of the 4x100 meter mixed medley, in which the Netherlands has a good chance of a medal.

in 15 hours

No problem!

Femke Bol has a huge lead on the rest of the field in no time and can even save the forces in the last part.

In a time of 54.43 she qualifies for the semi-finals without any difficulty.

in 15 hours

in 15 hours


Femke Bol's Olympic tournament has started!

A place in the top four in this series is sufficient for a place in the semi-finals.

She already has one less competitor: the Jamaican Whyte was just disqualified due to a false start.

in 15 hours

All eyes are now on the athletics track, where the series for the women's 400 meter hurdles is underway.

The first three series are over and Femke Bol comes into action for the first time in the fourth series.

in 15 hours

Merel Blom and her horse with the wonderful name 'The Quizmaster' have just completed the individual dressage.

With a score of 31.50 they are currently joint sixteenth.

in 15 hours

Earlier tonight, the mixed triathlon relay was already on the program.

The Netherlands could last for a long time, but ultimately played no significant role in the battle for the medals and finished fourth.

The gold went to Great Britain, while the United States and France took silver and bronze respectively.

in 14 hours

Tonight, day nine of the Olympic Games is mainly dominated by the series in athletics and various parts in the swimming tournament.

At 4.43 pm there are medal chances for the Netherlands in the pool in the final of the mixed 4 x 100 meter medley

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