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My name is Willem Haak and I will keep you informed of all events at the Olympic Games today.

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  • LIVE: Hockey, Netherlands-Germany (f)


  • Badloe gives the Netherlands fourth gold in Tokyo

  • Dutch judokas lose battle for bronze in Nations Cup

  • Boxer Noucha Fontijn qualifies for semi-finals

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Hockey 路 in one day

30 'It is rest.

The Orange Women still lead against Germany: 2-1.

in one day

Athletics 路 in one day

TeamNL protests against USATeam USA made a substitution at an invalid substitution point yesterday.

The team was initially disqualified.

For reasons that are unclear, the jury has decided to reverse this decision.馃摲 BSR Agency #Tokyo2020


AuthorAthletiekunieMoment of places10: 05 - 31 July 2021

Hockey 路 in one day

22' GOAL Germany!


Penalty corner for the Germans.

Zimmermann leans in and pushes in low.

The ball goes over the ground into the goal.

This is partly due to Dutch goalkeeper Koning.

She doesn't look good here and lets the legs outsmart her.

Hockey 路 in one day

21 'The Netherlands is also the better team in the second quarter.

The German ladies are not involved.

Hockey 路 in one day

The first quarter is over.

The score: 2-0 for the Orange Women.

Hockey 路 in one day

14 'GOAL Netherlands!


Leurink passes well.

Welten can finish up close.

The Netherlands is much better than the German opponent and already expresses that in the score in the first quarter.

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Hockey 路 in one day

8 'GOAL Netherlands!


A penalty corner for the Netherlands.

Frederique Matla is allowed to aim and scores.

It is already her sixth goal in this Olympic tournament.

That makes her the top scorer.

Hockey 路 in one day

1 'We have started.

The Netherlands and Germany won their first four matches and will compete for the group win.

Windsurfing 路 in one day

Windsurfer Kiran Badloe with his gold medal.

Windsurfing 路 in one day

Badloe: 'Weird things happened in the medal race, but luckily not with me'

Tennis 路 in one day

Novak Djokovic has not managed to capture a bronze medal.

The twenty-time Grand Slam winner lost the battle for third place in three sets against Spaniard Pablo Carreno-Busta on Saturday: 4-6, 7-6 and 3-6.

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Hockey 路 in one day

We're getting ready for hockey.

The Dutch women, who are already certain of a place in the next round, will compete against Germany from 11.30 am.

Will the last group match also be converted into a win?

Judo 路 in one day

Chakadua is too passive and is penalized one more time.

The match is over.

Germany takes the bronze.

Judo 路 in one day

It's a cracker.

Chakadua fights back bravely.

The golden score has already been going on for 3.30 minutes.

The score: 0-0.

Both judokas have two penalties.

At the next reprimand, the duel is over.

Judo 路 in one day

We only have one match left: Tornike Tsjakadoea will take on Sebastian Seidl.

He has to win to keep the Netherlands in the race, but that will be difficult.

Chakadua is fighting here two classes above his actual weight.

Judo 路 in one day

It is over.

Stoll beats Verhagen.

Germany takes a 3-2 lead.

in one day

Hockey 路 in one day

From 11.30 am the Netherlands-Germany in women's hockey. Orange lost to Germany for the last time in 2011, in a friendly match (2-3).

Since then: 23 wins and 3 draws.



AuthorRAM馃敶N MINMoment of places08: 27 - 31 July 2021

Judo 路 in one day

We go on.

Sanne Verhagen is on the mat.

Theresa Stoll is her opponent.

Judo 路 in one day


Groo wins.

The score is again tied: Netherlands 2-2 Germany.

Grol waves.

His career is over.

Judo 路 in one day

The next duel: Henk Grol against Karl-Richard Frey.

It is the last game in his career for 36-year-old Grol.

Judo 路 in one day

Oh no.

Waza-ari for Wagner.

Stonehouse loses.

Germany leads 2-1.

The country that makes it to four first wins.

If the score is 3-3, a tiebreaker will follow.

in one day

Judo 路 in one day

We continue with Guusje Steenhuis.

Her opponent is Anna-Maria Wagner.

Judo 路 in one day

It is over.

Van 't End gets his third penalty and loses to Ressel after four minutes in the golden score.

The standings: Netherlands 1-1 Germany.

Dressage 路 in one day

Eventing amazons Merel Blom and Janneke Boonzaadjer are 21st and 30th in the standings after the dressage part.

Blom came into action on Saturday and is now on 31.5 penalty points.

Boonzaadjer rode the dressage on Friday and ended up with 33.0 penalty points.

With the cross-country and a jumping course, two more parts follow.

Judo 路 in one day

Ressel and Van 't End are evenly matched.

The golden score has already been going on for two minutes.

Whoever scores a point now wins.

Judo 路 in one day

We continue with No毛l van 't End.

His opponent is Dominic Ressel.

Judo 路 in one day

Van Dijke scores two waza-ari's and thus decides the match.

The Netherlands leads 1-0.

Judo 路 in one day

In total, the matches between the mixed national teams are six matches.

The country that wins four wins the bronze medal.

Judo 路 in one day

The Dutch judokas are ready.

We are going to start the battle for bronze in the mixed country teams.

The opponent: Germany.

Sanne van Dijke is the first to act.

She's up against Scoccimarro.

Windsurfing 路 in one day

Kiran Badloe after receiving the gold medal: "Due to the circumstances I still had to work hard and I wanted to finish the race as well as possible. Only at the finish did the release come out. That was really beautiful."

Windsurfing 路 in one day

SAILING 鉀碉笍 You can pick up your slice, Kiran!

馃 #Stronger Together |



AuthorTeamNL馃嚦馃嚤Moment of places07: 18 - 31 July 2021

Sailing 路 in one day

A disappointment when sailing!

In the 49er FX class, the duo Bekkering/Duetz have to give up the lead in the general classification.

They are now one point behind Brazil's Grael and Kunze after twelve races.

The medal race is scheduled for Monday.

Diving 路 in one day

Inge Jansen qualifies for the diving final.

Her total score of 301.90 is enough to finish in the first twelve women.

She ends up ninth.

Windsurfing 路 in one day

The 26-year-old Badloe gives the Netherlands its third consecutive Olympic title in the RS:X class, after Dorian van Rijsselberghe in 2012 and 2016. It is the fourth Dutch gold in Tokyo.

in one day

Badloe succeeds Van Rijsselberghe and gives the Netherlands fourth gold in Tokyo

Windsurfing 路 in one day

Badloe is inside.


It was a dramatic medal race.

Three (!!) participants were disqualified for a false start.

France, Italy and Poland were pulled out of the water by the jury.

Those were the numbers two, three and four in the standings.

Badloe stayed out of trouble and crossed the line in second.

The first place is secured.

The gold medal is in.

Windsurfing 路 in one day

Kiran Badloe is in second place.

It doesn't matter where the Dutchman ends up.

If Badloe is about to cross the finish line and he is not qualified, then the gold medal is his.

Sailing 路 in 21 hours

Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz finished in twelfth place in the eleventh race of the 49er FX class.

As a result, the lead over the Brazilian duo Grael/Kunze has shrunk enormously.

The gap is now only two points.

The battle for first place is very exciting.

Windsurfing 路 in 21 hours

Kiran Badloe is about to start his golden race.

He can only screw up himself.

If the Dutchman makes no mistake, if he is not disqualified and if he 'just' crosses the finish line, he is assured of first place and takes the gold medal.

Diving 路 in 21 hours

Although the score of 58.50 on her third jump is not fantastic, Inge Jansen still climbs a place in the ranking.

She is now eighth.

It's going in the right direction.

Judo 路 in 21 hours

A hopeless defeat for the Netherlands in the semi-finals against France.

Guusje Steenhuis was no match for Romane Dicko, so the French won 4-0.

For the Netherlands, the battle for bronze remains, in which Germany will be the opponent.

Diving 路 in 21 hours

Jansen's second jump is also good for a score of 63.00.

She thus retains her ninth place and is virtually in the final.

Three more jumps to go.

Diving 路 in 21 hours

Inge Visser has started well in the semi-final of the diving.

The Dutchman scores 63.00 with her first jump and is currently in ninth place.

Eighteen women are participating today.

The best twelve qualify for the final battle.

Judo 路 in 21 hours

And No毛l van 't End can't manage it either.

With a waza-ari, Clerget gives France a 3-0 lead.

Winning four times in a row is the only remaining route to the final.

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