“These unfounded speculations are perplexing.

According to the International Agency for Doping Testing, Russians are among the most tested athletes at these competitions.

Russian athletes win medals in Tokyo in a fair fight.

Attempts to discredit their achievements are dictated by the desire to get rid of fair competition, which is contrary to the spirit of the Olympic movement, ”the Russian diplomatic mission quotes Antonov on its Facebook page.

He also called doping a global problem and called on the United States to step up the fight against illegal drugs in American sports leagues that do not follow international standards.

In addition, the diplomat stressed that Russia responds with enthusiasm to the successes of domestic athletes in Tokyo.

“In difficult conditions, they adequately defend the sporting honor of the Motherland.

Overcoming difficulties, every day they give us, their fans, the joy of victory, "Antonov emphasized.

The Russians at these Games have so far won 10 gold, 14 silver and 10 bronze medals.

Earlier, the State Duma reacted to the words of a swimmer from the United States about the problem of doping.