Sixteen-year-old Ajax player Noah Gesser died on Friday evening in a traffic accident in IJsselstein in Utrecht.

A spokesperson for the club confirms this, who speaks of "terrible news".

The player's eighteen-year-old brother also did not survive the accident.

Gesser has been playing for Ajax since the summer of 2018, which picked him up at amateur club Alphense Boys.

According to fansites, he was seen as a great talent and was known as a fast and many scoring striker.

Next season, Gesser would play in Ajax under 17.

The traffic accident happened on Friday evening on the United Nations Road in IJsselstein.

A passenger car, in which Gesser was driving, probably hit the wrong side of the road and collided head-on with a taxi van.

The police confirm that two men, aged sixteen and eighteen, who lived in IJsselstein and came from the same family, died in the accident.

The police have not released any information about their identities.

The driver of the taxi van was taken to hospital, but he was physically fine, police said earlier.