China News Service, Tokyo, July 30 (Reporter Song Fangcan) On the 30th, the women’s 25-meter sports pistol final for the Tokyo Olympics was held at the Asaka Shooting Range. The Chinese player Xiao Jia Ruixuan, who entered the final in the second place in the qualifying round, broke into the top three. , Won a bronze medal.

  The Chinese team won two Olympic gold medals in this event, Li Duihong in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and Chen Ying in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

In this Olympics, 19-year-old Xiao Jia Ruixuan and 24-year-old Xiong Yaxuan played on behalf of China.

  The qualifying round is divided into 30 slow shots and 30 rapid shots, which are divided into two days.

Xiao Jia Ruixuan played a mediocre performance in the slow-fire competition, ranking 11th with only 291 ring, but in the rapid-fire competition on the 30th, he scored 296 points, ranked second with a total score of 587 rings, and advanced to the final.

Xiong Yaxuan shot the 287 ring slowly and the fast-fire 293 ring. The total score of the 580 ring ranked 16th and stopped the qualifying round.

  The top eight players in the qualifying round will enter the finals, and the results will be cleared to zero before the contest.

In the finals, a player who scored 10.2 rings or more in a single shot in a rapid shot is considered "in", otherwise "not in".

Eight players will shoot 20 rounds in four groups first, and the eighth place will be eliminated from the last place. After that, one player will be eliminated from each group with five rounds until the final champion is determined.

  In the first 5 rounds, Xiao Jia Ruixuan hit 3 of them, ranking third.

After that, she hit 3 again, and the ranking slipped to tied for second place, but was behind the first place player 3 out.

In the following group, she once again hit 3, ranking third, but behind South Korea's KIM Minjung (KIM Minjung) 5th.

Since then, after 25 rounds, Xiao Jia Ruixuan tied for fourth in 15 and entered the top 6.

  In the 6-to-5 group, Xiao Jia Ruixuan scored 4 of them, squeezing the defending champion and Greek star Kola Kaki in fifth place, and the score was the same as Wu Jiaying of the Chinese Taipei team.

In the 5 matches, the last 3 players got the same points and Wu Jiaying was eliminated.

Although entering the top 4, Xiao Jia Ruixuan lags behind the top two players by 3 points.

Xiao Jia Ruixuan did not miss any shots in the four-in-three group match, but still needed a tie-in match. Xiao Jia Ruixuan won 4-2.

  In the next group of competitions, Xiao Jia Ruixuan made only 1 of 5 shots and won a bronze medal in 29 of them.

The final was held between Kim Min-jeong and the Russian Olympic Committee player and the champion of the Olympic women's 10-meter air pistol, Bat Salashkina.

The two drew 38 in the 50-round match, and Batsalashkina won 4-1 in the playoff and won another gold.

Kim Min-jeong won a silver medal for the South Korean team.