Tokyo 2021: Comorian Amed Elna, apprentice sprinter at the Games

Comorian Amed Elna (behind Equatorial Guinean Alba Mbo Nchama) at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. REUTERS - LUCY NICHOLSON

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Amed Elna finished last in her women's 100-meter preliminary round race at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics on July 30.

The young sprinter was overtaken by stress and calls for indulgence from the Comorians in relation to what she showed during these Olympics.


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From our special correspondent in Tokyo,

Her voice trembles, like her legs.

Amed Elna, 21, ran as fast as she could in the 100-meter preliminary round of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. But the Comorian was overtaken by her youth and lack of experience.


There was stress

,” she explains, her face still strained from the effort.

I was scared and I couldn't bring it out 


Last of her race, Amed Elna was especially disappointed with her time.

Even the weather that I manage to do in the Comoros, I have not managed to realize it here

," she laments.

Normally, I run in 13 seconds, and this was in 14 seconds 30. Frankly, I am disappointed.


"I hope the Comorians will understand me"

Demanding of herself, the one who started athletics in 2016 only, hopes that the Comorians will be indulgent.


I'm not going to bring much to my country

, regrets the one who hoped to improve her time.

But I hope people will understand me in the Comoros, that it was my first time at the Olympics and that I lacked experience.

I will train to improve myself and achieve something good in the years to come. 


For her first international competition, Amed Elna dreamed of something else but tries to put things into perspective.


It was good despite everything.

I am proud to have participated in these Olympic Games.

Hopefully next time I'll do something better, 

”she concludes.


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