▲ Jeremy Bleach at the 2017 World Baseball Classic

Israeli bullpen pitcher Jeremy Bleach, who won the Korean baseball team for the first time, belongs to the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball (MLB).

It is a team familiar to Korean baseball fans, with Kang Jung-ho doing a great job, and Park Hyo-jun recently joining the trade.

However, Bleach never pitched for Pittsburgh.

Because Bleach is not a player, but a front desk employee.

Bleach works as a scout and analyst in Pittsburgh.

His main job is to analyze players in the stands or do paperwork in the office.

Bleach was once a player who dreamed of a big league stage.

Bleach, who joined the New York Yankees as the 44th in the first round of the 2008 MLB Draft, made his first big league debut with the Oakland Athletics on July 13, 2018.

However, they were relegated to the minor leagues after just one week and were no longer in the MLB.

Bleach, who played primarily in the minor leagues, finally ended her professional career in 2019 and started a new career as a Pittsburgh front employee in 2020.

Although his professional career came to an end, he followed his grandfather, a survivor of the Holocaust (the Holocaust in Nazi Germany), to the Israeli baseball team and stepped onto the stage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Bleach has been known to have put a lot of effort into maintaining a sense of action over the past year.

Bleach recently said in an interview with MLB.com that "I was confident that I could throw a little more, so I pushed on to the Tokyo Olympics."

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)