Megu Uyama finished fifth in the Tokyo Olympics and Trampolining Women's Championships.

Hikaru Mori, who won the adult world championship, was eliminated in qualifying.

The trampoline makes 10 jumps in one performance, and competes for points based on the difficulty and performance of the technique with rotation and twist, and the accuracy of landing.

Women's qualifying and finals were held on the 30th, and Uyama and Mori participated from Japan.

In the qualifying, Uyama performed with a stable character and advanced to the final by the top 8 players in 5th place.

On the other hand, Mori, who won the adult world championship, was disturbed in the middle of the second performance and could not complete all the planned jumps, so he did not advance to the final in 13th place.

Uyama marked 54.655 in his stable performance and landing in the final, and finished fifth in the first Olympics.

5th place is the best result among Japanese trampoline girls.

The gold medal was Zhu Xueying of China who marked 56.635.

Megu Uyama "I'm glad I was able to put out the power I can put out now."

Uyama said, "I wanted to enjoy acting in the final as much as Mori. I'm glad I was able to put out the power I can do now. I'm happy with the best result among Japanese girls, but I'm disappointed that there is a considerable difference to the medalist." I was talking.

And, "When I saw other players, the atmosphere was different from the practice, and I could really feel the feeling of betting on the game, so I want to learn from it. It ended in a blink of an eye, and now I feel relieved. I still have some regrets, so I hope I can make use of it next time. "

Uyama, who participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, finished fifth for his stable performance.

Uyama is 25 years old from Chiba prefecture. He started the competition when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school, and has been performing on the international stage as a representative of Japan from the junior generation with a high jump.

At the 2018 World Championships, although it is not an Olympic event, he participated in synchronized with Hikaru Mori, who has been nominated for the Tokyo Olympics, and won the gold medal for the first time among Japanese female athletes.

He was selected as the first Olympic representative based on the results of the World Cup held until June.

Uyama said, "I hope I can do everything I can now and finish with a smile so that I can perform without regrets at the Olympics."