At the Tokyo Olympics and track and field, which began on the 30th, Naoto Tobe and Takashi Eto participated in the men's high jump qualifying, and Tobe cleared 2 meters and 28 centimeters to advance to the final.

On the other hand, Eto jumped 2 meters and 25 centimeters three times and all failed and missed the final.

Naoto Tobe "I'm relieved to advance to the final safely"

Naoto Tobe said, "I was worried about the discomfort in my foot, but I was relieved that I was able to advance to the final safely."

"I was relieved by the failure at 2 meters and 21 centimeters, and I was able to relax and recover technically. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep yesterday, but it was a great match," he said. I don't feel any problems anymore, and I've been trying hard to reach the gold medal, so I'll just do my best to reach my goal. "

Takashi Eto "Happy as an athlete"

Eto said, "I think I was able to put out the power I can do today. It was the second Olympics, so I'm glad that I was able to play the game with the scenery and atmosphere firmly in my eyes. I'm happy. "