Daiya Seto, who was fourth in the men's 200m individual medley final at the Tokyo Olympics.

I finished the tournament without a medal, but after the race, what I said was "gratitude" for the dream stage.

“I only have thanks”

The one-year postponement of the Tokyo Games has been a shock to Seto since he missed the national team at the 2012 London Games.

It is said that the meaning of aiming for the Olympic gold medal itself has been questioned by making a detailed plan and breaking the cycle of adjusting the peak once every four years to that summer.

Last year, due to my own scandals, I experienced a time when I couldn't practice as I expected for about eight months, but with the support of the support staff, my feelings improved and I regained my childhood dream of winning the Olympic gold medal. You can now face each other.

The tournament stumbled in the first race and continued to be unsuccessful, but in the final of the final event, the 200m individual medley, I finally hoped for a medal.

Turn back the last 50 meters in the race in 3rd place.

At the last freestyle where I could see the medal, I spurted "I swam with all my heart," but I couldn't reach the medal in 5/100 seconds.

Seto appeared in the coverage area after shaking hands with Kosuke Hagino who swam in the final together in the pool. The smile I showed for the first time at this tournament was full of fulfillment that I was able to put out the power I have now.

"It was a painful tournament, but I am really grateful for holding the stage of our dreams. I am only grateful as a player."