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  • 12.00: Athletics, women, 5,000 meters, series (Hassan and Van Es)

  • Gold for Niek Kimmann on the BMX

  • Surprising bronze medal for BMX player Merel Smulders

  • Career judoka Henk Grol over after lightning-fast defeat

  • View the Dutch program HERE

  • View the full day program HERE

in 14 hours

Diving · in 14 hours


Inge Jansen secures a place in the final with her fifth and final jump.

Her score of 58.50 is enough to finish in the top eighteen.

Diving · in 14 hours

After four jumps, Jansen is in sixteenth place.

She must finish in the top eighteen to qualify for the final battle.

It's about tense.

Diving · in 14 hours

Oh dear!

What a bad jump by Inge Jansen.

Her score?


With that, she will surely fall out of the top ten in a few moments.

She has to secure the final spot in her fifth and final jump.

Sailing · in 14 hours

The sailing duo Bekkering and Duetz finished the seventh race with a twelfth place.

Nevertheless, the Dutch sailing duo is still competing for the medals.

Duetz and Bekkering share second place.

In the eighth race, Bekkering and Duetz finished fifth, so the gold is still in sight.

The ninth race has now started.

Sailing · in 14 hours

After three good races on Friday, sailor Marit Bouwmeester has fought her way back in the Olympic sailing tournament in the Laser Radial class after a bad Thursday.

She gives herself a good chance to win a medal after all.

"It was quite a fight. With a soft wind it is important that you choose position left or right. I am happy with how it went. I was able to choose the right position at the start," Bouwmeester said after the races.

in 14 hours

Diving · in 14 hours

Oh dear.

A bad jump by Inge Jansen.

Her score: 55.50.

It means that after three rounds the Dutch can be found in ninth place.

The 27 participants still have two jumps to go.

The top eighteen qualify for the final.

BMX · in 13 hours

Grief about the fall of sister Laura helps Merel Smulders to bronze BMX medal

Diving · in 13 hours

Inge Jansen in action.

Diving · in 13 hours

In the second round of the diving on the 3-meter board, Inge Jansen scores the same as in her first jump.

She again gets 63 points.

She is now tied for ninth in the standings.

For now it is enough to keep an eye on a place in the final.

The best eighteen women qualify for the final battle.

Diving · in 13 hours

Diver and gold medalist Tom Daley is an avid knitter in his spare time and I think that's awesome


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in 13 hours

Diving · in 13 hours

The first jump of clean diver Inge Jansen in the qualification on the 3-meter board has been assessed with 63 points.

Due to the score, the 27-year-old Dutch is currently joint eighth.

27 women participate.

The top eighteen qualify for the final.

In that regard, Jansen is on the right side for the time being, so.

Rowing · in 13 hours

Holland Eight in sackcloth after missing medal: 'We missed all aggressiveness'

Water polo · in 12 hours


The counter eventually stops at an unprecedented 32-1 against South Africa, an Olympic record.

With this, the team of the Netherlands is assured of a ticket for the quarterfinals.

Water polo · in 12 hours

There's the thirtieth hit!

It's Dagmar Genee who does it.

Virtually, the Netherlands holds the record for the largest win at an Olympic tournament.

Sailing · in 12 hours

Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz have started their seventh race in the 49er FX.

The Dutch duo is in a good second place in the standings.

in 12 hours

Olympics · in 12 hours

The Netherlands also seems to be hitting the thirties.

The score is 28-1 four minutes before time.

Water polo · in 12 hours

South Africa has nevertheless managed to make a 'honour' hit, insofar as this is the case.

The score is now 22-1.

Water polo · in 12 hours

The Netherlands has no mercy on the helpless opponent South Africa.

At the beginning of the third quarter, the bay of twenty points is rounded.

The Dutch team has not yet had to concede a goal.

Sailing · in 12 hours

Berghout and Zegers finish sixth in the sixth race in the 470, moving the duo up two places to eleventh place.

Water polo · in 12 hours

Marit Bouwmeester is also doing excellent business in the Laser Radial in race 10.

The Frisian crosses the finish line in seventh place, gaining ground over all her competitors.

This strengthens her second place and she also caught up a lot with the Danish frontrunner Anne-Marie Rindom, who was disqualified at the start.

in 12 hours

Water polo · in 12 hours

The water polosters are steadily increasing the score against poor South Africa.

Before the end of the second quarter, the score is no less than 12-0!

Where is this going to end?

Sailing · in 12 hours

Marit Bouwmeester is not the only one sailing.

Bart Lambriex and Pim van Vlugt have had a disappointing day, with a 13th, 14th and 8th place in race 7 to 9. With that, the Dutch duo has dropped to seventh place.

Lobke Berkhout and Afrodite Zegers finished race 5 in the 470 with a ninth place.

They are now thirteenth in the general classification.

Race six is ​​currently underway.

Water polo · in 12 hours

The Netherlands ended the first quarter with a 7-0 lead, but at the start of the second quarter it is already 9-0 at lightning speed.

A monster score is in the air for the Dutch ladies.

Water polo · in 11 hours

It is now 6-0 for the Netherlands, which has no child from South Africa for the time being.

With a win, the Orange squad has qualified for the quarter-finals, because it can no longer be overtaken by South Africa

Water polo · in 11 hours

The Netherlands has flown off the starting blocks against South Africa and takes a 3-0 lead in no time.

Water polo · in 11 hours

In a few minutes, the Dutch water polo players will start their third group match at the Olympic Games.

After the defeat against Australia and the win against Spain, South Africa is now the opponent.

That team lost its first two games.

Of the five teams (Canada is also in this group), four countries advance to the quarter-finals.

Sailing · in 11 hours

While Bouwmeester is working on race 10, Rindom is crying over her disqualification.

This turns the whole perspective in the Laser Radial upside down.

Sailing · in 11 hours

More good news for Bouwmeester: frontrunner Anne-Marie Rindom has been disqualified from race 10 after an illegal action at the start.

A golden opportunity for Bouwmeester to catch up with the Danish.

Sailing · in 11 hours

Marit Bouwmeester has just done very good business in the Laser Radial.

Bouwmeester won race 9 and all her competitors finished very low, so that after a dramatic first few days, Bouwmeester moved up to second place with a disqualification.

Race 10 will soon be held, after which the medal race will follow on Sunday.

Olympics · in 11 hours

What will we see at the Olympics in the coming hours?

  • LIVE: Sailing, women, Laser Radial race 9 and 10 (Marit Bouwmeester)

  • LIVE: Sailing, men, 49er, race 7 to 9 (Bart Lambriex and Pim van Vlugt)

  • LIVE: Sailing, women, 470, race 5 and 6 (Lobke Berkhout and Afrodite Zegers)

  • 7.00 am: Water polo, women, group stage, Netherlands-South Africa

  • 8.00 am: Diving, women, 3 meter plank, qualifications (Inge Jansen)

Judo · in 11 hours

Grol: 'I would prefer to sit under a rock'

Henk Grol was very disappointed after his quick defeat against Bekmurod Oltiboev, which brought his individual judo career to an end.

"This sucks. I put a lot of pressure on myself, I wanted to do it right in closing. But I make a mistake, I'm stepping in the wrong direction. I'm a stupid asshole, I didn't do it right," said an upset Grol at the NOS.

"My body is physically exhausted. I have gathered everything together to get everything out one more time. I'm bummed like a plug, I would prefer to sit under a rock. The realization that this is the end of my career has yet to come coming weeks. But now my world is collapsing for a while."

Olympics · in 11 hours

What have we seen so far on this eighth day at the Olympics?

  • Niek Kimmann takes gold on the BMX

  • Merel Smulders surprisingly takes bronze in the BMX

  • Career judoka Henk Grol over after lightning-fast defeat

  • Judoka Savelkouls eliminated in first round

  • Holland Eight does not come close to a medal

  • Femke Heemskerk grabs next to honorary metal in the 100 meter freestyle

  • Beach volleyball players Madelein Meppelink and Sanne Keizer eliminated after third defeat in group

  • Nyls Korstanje eliminated in semi-final 100 meter butterfly

  • Sharon van Rouwendaal does not make the final at 200 meters backstroke

  • Nick Smidt qualifies for semi-finals at 400 meters hurdles

  • Marit van Hunenstijn does not survive series 100 meters

BMX · in 10 hours

Merel Smulders: 'I'm speechless'

Merel Smulders didn't quite realize that she took surprisingly bronze in the BMX.

"It has certainly not settled down yet," Smulders told 



"My heart broke when Laura (sister Laura Smulders, ed.) went out in the first heat. I was very angry at first, but then I was able to get energy from that. I want to do it for her too. I can't quite believe it, I am speechless."

BMX · in 10 hours

Kimmann: 'I thought the dream was over'

Niek Kimmann is Olympic champion after his accident in training on Monday, where he collided hard with an official.

"I thought then the dream was over. But I'm relatively young, the job suits me, I knew that if I ever wanted to take the Olympic title it was now. The last few weeks in the Netherlands went so well, I always have confidence kept."

"We have always had one dream and that is to get gold for the Netherlands on BMX," said an emotional Kimmann at the NOS .

"I was at the start and there was so much fuss around me, I had to switch it off. I was always afraid of being overtaken. I don't understand how this is possible."

BMX · in 10 hours


Yes, it will be bronze for Merel Smulders!

An equally surprising and great achievement for the Dutch!

Bethany Shrever, also unexpectedly, takes the gold.

BMX · in 10 hours


 Can Merel Smulders surprise with a medal?

BMX · in 10 hours

Can Merel Smulders follow Kimmann's example?

Smulders was a lot less convincing in the semi-finals than the brand new Olympic champion, but you never know, especially in BMX!

BMX · in 10 hours

It was a common image today: Niek Kimmann leading the way.

He crowns his strong day with a gold medal.

BMX · in 10 hours


Gold for Niek Kimmann!

A great performance from the Dutchman, who stays ahead of Whyte and crosses the line first.

BMX · in 10 hours


Kimmann is on his way!

BMX · in 10 hours

We quickly get rid of the disappointment of Henk Grol's elimination, because it is time for Niek Kimmann.

After a trouble-free semi-final, the Dutchman is now going for a medal in the final of the BMX.

Judo · in 10 hours

Within 25 seconds it's all over for Henk Grol!

Oltiboev throws the Dutchman on his back and scores an ippon.

A sad retreat for Henk Grol, who thus ends his individual judo career in a minor way.

Judo · in 10 hours

Henk Grol steps onto the mat for perhaps his last match as a judoka, although of course we hope not.

Oltiboev is the opponent.

BMX · in 10 hours

Laura Smulders still tries, but is too weak to play a significant role in the final heat.

Baauw finishes fifth and is also eliminated.

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