The men's 10,000-meter final, the first event on land that began on the 30th, was held, with Akira Aizawa in 17th place with a time of 28: 18.37 and Tatsuhiko Ito with a time of 29: 1:31. It was 22nd place.

The gold medal was Ethiopian Selemon Barega.

Akira Aizawa "I couldn't afford the final stage"

Akira Aizawa, who participated in the Olympics for the first time, did not reach the goal of 8th place, "The race progressed at a slow pace, but I could not afford to keep up with the pace up in the second half. It was cooler than I expected, so it was cooler than I expected. I thought I could afford it to some extent, but I didn't have enough physical strength due to the humidity, "he recalled.

On top of that, "It seemed that overseas players were having a lot of fun, so I would like to prepare well so that I can enjoy participating in the race next time. The long-distance world of Japanese boys is still different from the world. I realized that it was big, so I would like to do my best so that I can compete at 10,000 meters to the point where I can do it well. "

Tatsuhiko Ito "I want to do my best from 1 again so that I can repay this debt"

Tatsuhiko Ito, who finished in 22nd place out of the 23 players who finished the race, said, "Before the start, I definitely won a prize, I didn't want to lose to Aizawa, but the heat and the increase and decrease of the pace were my experiences. It was so tight that I couldn't cope with it well, so I'm disappointed. "

Regarding the first Olympics, he said, "I wasn't nervous at all about three days ago, I wasn't spectating, and I was planning to run calmly, but on that day I wasn't calm and realized that this was the Olympics." did.

On top of that, he swore that he was humiliating, saying, "I've run really pathetic, so I'll do my best from scratch so that I can definitely repay this debt the next time I run."