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BMX a few seconds ago

Van Gendt: 'This is a punishment for my performance'

World champion Twan van Gendt misses out on a final place in the BMX, partly due to two falls.

However, he puts the blame on himself.

This is a punishment for my own performance," Van Gendt told the 


. "It was fine, but not good enough at this level.

I can't blame myself, but it just wasn't good enough."

BMX a few seconds ago

Olympic champion Connor Fields also has a sad retreat.

The American is carried off the track on a stretcher after a fall.

What a battlefield on the BMX track.

Swimming 3 minutes ago

Sharon van Rouwendaal failed to reach the final in the 200-meter backstroke.

In the semi-finals she swam with 2.12.98 to the sixteenth and last time.

BMX 4 minutes ago

What bad luck for Twan van Gendt.

Once again, the world champion is the victim of a crash and thus again plays no significant role in the third and final heat.

Harmsen finishes fourth and that is not enough to reach the final.

4 minutes ago

BMX 8 minutes ago

Laura Smulders is completely broken and hangs over her steering wheel crying.

She sees her chance at a medal go up in smoke.

BMX 8 minutes ago

Laura Smulders has not recovered from the fall in heat 1 and gives up quickly in the second heat.

She finishes last.

Judy Baauw doesn't do much better and finishes seventh.

That is the end for the two Dutch women.

Judo 11 minutes ago

Unfortunately, the tournament ends for Tessie Savelkouls in the first round.

South Korean Han Mi Jin wins with a Waza-ari.

Judo 12 minutes ago

Savelkouls is on two penalties and is therefore on edge.

The next penalty ends.

Judo 13 minutes ago

Last minute!

Time is now seriously running out for Savelkouls.

Judo 14 minutes ago

Just under two minutes left for Savelkouls to undo the Waza-ari she got around her ears.

Judo 15 minutes ago

Ai, a Waza-ari for the South Korean.

Savelkouls manages to avoid an ippon by breaking free from Mi Jin's grasp.

15 minutes ago

Judo 16 minutes ago

Quick to the judo mat!

Tessie Savelkouls starts her tournament in the +78 kilogram class.

She fights against South Korean Han Mi Jin.

BMX 18 minutes ago

Merel Smulders finishes fifth in the second heat and that seems insufficient for a place in the final, although that chance is not completely lost yet.

BMX 29 minutes ago

The dramatic crash of Laura Smulders and Judy Baauw in the picture.

Can the Dutch women recover in the second heat?

First we see Merel Smulders, who also needs a good result after her sixth place in the second heat.

BMX 31 minutes ago

Niek Kimmann keeps the Dutch honor high in the BMX for the time being.

He finishes third in this heat, again doing good business after first place in the first heat in the hunt for a place in the final.

BMX 35 minutes ago

Oh, how painful!

Harmsen and Van Gendt again finish seventh and eighth, which means that the final is out of sight.

That is especially hard for world champion Van Gendt.

35 minutes ago

BMX 37 minutes ago

It is now the turn of the men.

Harmsen and Van Gendt went down in the first heat and now have to put in a good result in the second heat to have a chance of a place in the final.

BMX 40 minutes ago

Baauw still manages to finish fifth.

Smulders is back on his bike and slowly rolls towards the finish.

She has to finish to stay in the tournament.

BMX 42 minutes ago

A drama in the first heat of the second semi-final!

Laura Smulders falls and takes Baauw with her in her trap.

Baauw is back on the bike, but Smulders remains lying down after her fall.

BMX 1 hour ago

We're going back to BMX again, with the first heat in the women's semifinals.

In the first semi-final, Merel Smulders is present and she finishes in a somewhat disappointing sixth place after a weak finish.

In this heat there is also a heavy crash from Alise Willoughby and Zoë Claessens, two heavyweights.

In the second heat Laura Smulders and Judy Baauw come into action.

Swimming 1 hour ago

Femke Heemskerk clocked a very decent time with 52.79, but because the competition also swam very fast, it is not enough for a medal.

It is nevertheless a great performance by the Dutch.

an hour ago

Swimming 1 hour ago


Heemskerk misses out on the medals and finishes sixth.

The gold medal goes to Australia's Emma McKeon, while her long note Cate Campbell takes the bronze.

Siobhan Haughey from Hong Kong grabs the silver.

Swimming 1 hour ago

After fifty meters Heemskerk swims around fourth place.

Swimming 1 hour ago


The women are in the water, can Femke Heemskerk provide a surprise?

Swimming 1 hour ago

We leave the BMX track for a while and shift our focus to the Olympic swimming pool, where the final of the king's number for the women is on the program with the 100 meter freestyle.

Femke Heemskerk is present for the first time in her career.

In the semi-finals she swam to the sixth time of the field with 52.93

BMX 1 hour ago

An impressive signal from Niek Kimmann, who wins the first heat with great force majeure and takes only one point.

Just to be clear, the fewer points, the better.

an hour ago

BMX 1 hour ago

We worked hard to get the BMX track dry and we succeeded, so we can now enjoy the spectacular races.

BMX 1 hour ago

We now go to the first heat of the second semi-final, featuring Niek Kimmann, who qualified for the semi-finals with a kneecap tear.

That tear was created during a hard collision with an official during a training session.

BMX 1 hour ago

Harmsen finishes seventh, world champion Van Gendt saves energy and comes in eighth.

A major setback: two top performances in the next two heats are needed to keep the final within reach.

BMX 1 hour ago

Van Gendt and Harmsen get in each other's way and both suffer from this: the Dutch drive seven and eight in the last two places.

BMX 1 hour ago

Incidentally, the semi-finals this year will be over three heats.

In each heat the number one gets 1 point and the number eight gets 8 points.

In each semi-final, the four with the fewest points after three heats advance to the final.

BMX 1 hour ago

There now seems to be cycling on the BMX track.

Twan van Gendt and Joris Harmsen will compete in the first BMX semifinal, while Niek Kimmann will compete in the second semifinal.

Swimming 1 hour ago

Korstanje swims to the twelfth time in 51.80 and that is not enough for a place in the final.

That required a place in the top eight.

Swimming 1 hour ago

Korstanje swims to the twelfth time in 51.80 and that is not enough for a place in the final.

That required a place in the top eight.

Swimming 1 hour ago

In the semi-finals on the 100 meter butterfly, Nyls Korstanje takes action in the second heat.

Korstanje swam in the series with 51.54 a Dutch record.

It was the eleventh time in the series.

Rowing 1 hour ago


No, the Netherlands finishes fifth.

A medal was never in it for the Holland Eight.

New Zealand surprisingly takes the gold, while top favorites Germany (silver) and Great Britain (bronze) take the other two medals.

Rowing 1 hour ago

In the last 500 meters, the Netherlands is still fifth.

Can another heroic comeback be made?

Rowing 1 hour ago

Can the Netherlands make up for the deficit in the top three?

After 1000 meters, the Holland Eight cautiously approach the US and Germany.

New Zealand leads the way.

Rowing 1 hour ago

The Netherlands has a moderate start in this final.

Britain and Germany are already well ahead, while the US and New Zealand are ahead.

Rowing 1 hour ago


The six rowboats have left!

Rowing 1 hour ago

The Holland Eight with helmswoman Eline Berger are in the water!

Are we going to see rowing success again in Tokyo, after the medal rain in the water two days ago?

an hour ago

The Holland Eight with helmswoman Eline Berger are in the water!

Are we going to see rowing success again in Tokyo, after the medal rain in the water two days ago?

Rowing 2 hours ago

This means that we can now first focus on the rowing boats.

Can the Holland Eight provide the sixth medal in rowing for the Netherlands?

The team finished third in the semi-finals, behind Germany and the United States.

BMX 2 hours ago

News from the BMX track: the semi-finals are postponed due to the heavy rain in Tokyo.

There will be no cycling before 3.45 am (Dutch time).

We are now working hard to get the track dry.

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