This is the magic of the Olympics (or not).

Players of the Israel baseball team have apologized after destroying one of the famous cardboard beds in the Olympic Village.

These beds that some athletes have called "anti-sex" beds.

are intended above all to be ecological.

But of course, some wanted to have fun with their alleged weakened.

After the Irish gymnast Rhys Mcclenaghan, it was Israeli athletes who got involved and this time several.

In a video posted on social networks, we see them jumping there with both feet ... The bed finally gave way because of the nine men gathered on it.

While the athletes seem to be having a good time, the footage did not make the Israeli National Olympic Committee laugh at all.

The latter asked Ben Wanger, the author of the video to delete it.

The athlete also had to apologize as well as that of his partners.

How many people does it take to break a Tokyo Olympics cardboard bed?

A group of Israeli athletes found out

- Hiroko Tabuchi (@HirokoTabuchi) July 28, 2021


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