Henk Grol is frustrated and angry with himself because his long career ended on Friday with a quick elimination from the Olympics.

The native Veendammer went into his first match in the Nippon Budokan after 25 seconds on his back against the Bekmurod Oltibuv and with that it was over for one of the best Dutch judokas ever.

"I'm just a sucker," Grol said an hour after his elimination in the 100-kilogram class.

"Due to a mistake I lose to a boy that I am supposed to beat. In such a first match I am always a bit stiff and tense and then things go wrong. A shame, there could have been more."

Grol emphasized that he can only blame himself.

"I don't want to have a whine about this. It's my fault and my responsibility. I hate it when people lose and then blame everyone and everything."

It hurts Grol that in his fourth and final Olympics he only judated 25 seconds.

"When I lay on the mat, I felt everything sink under me. Of course my entire career flew by and certainly the last few years. I had to work very hard to be here."

"The body was actually already worn out, I couldn't finish a lot of training because I didn't pull it. Yes, I really suffered. Now I was actually in shape and ready to show something beautiful. I wanted to step out with pain and the feeling that I had fought. But now I'm standing here, barely straining. I'm giving it away."

The moment that Bekmurod Oltibuv throws Henk Grol to the ground.

The moment that Bekmurod Oltibuv throws Henk Grol to the ground.

Photo: ANP

'It's waiting for the day to be over'

Wrong advantage of the early elimination is that Grol is fit for the Nations Cup with the Dutch team on Saturday.

He can still take a medal there, after he won individual Olympic bronze at the Games in Beijing in 2008 and in London four years later.

"A team medal would be nice, but it won't bring any shine to these Games. It will take me a while to process what just happened."

Although Grol looked reasonably calm afterwards, the quick loss hit hard.

"When I'm on my own later, I will have a very difficult time. There is frustration inside, I am angry with myself. I also don't know what to do now. Because of corona there is no family. And I can't go out the bubble."

Grol would have preferred to have taken the plane home straight away.

"If I had the choice, I would flee. Then I don't have to talk about today anymore. But yes, that is not possible. It has to wait until the day is over."

Disappointment with Henk Grol.

Disappointment with Henk Grol.

Photo: ANP