China News Service, Tokyo, July 29 (Reporter Yue Chuan) After winning the women's singles gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, Chen Meng said frankly that she now most wants to tell her family that she has finally done it.

Chen Meng hopes to take home the women's team gold medal while winning the women's singles championship.

Regarding the question of "what will I do tonight", Chen Meng was stunned for a while and said: "I have finished playing in the morning and have not washed my clothes. Go back to do the laundry (laughs). I actually don't know what to do. I might appreciate my medals more. It's heavy." (End)

On July 29th, in the Tokyo Olympic Women's Singles final, Chen Meng of the Chinese Table Tennis Team played against Sun Yingsha, and the national table tennis women's singles civil war was staged.

In this women's singles matchup, which represents the highest level in the world today, Chen Meng finally defeated Sun Yingsha 4:2 and won the women's singles championship in the Tokyo Olympics.

The picture shows Chen Meng celebrating in the competition.

Image source: Visual China