At the Tokyo Organizing Committee, where competitions are held in the harsh heat, about 20 staff and volunteers who manage the Games were treated for heat stroke in the five days until the 28th, according to the Games Organizing Committee. I understood from the interview.

The Organizing Committee has a policy of thoroughly taking measures against heat stroke, such as having staff and volunteers take regular breaks.

The Tokyo Olympics have been hot every day, and several athletes have raised concerns about the heat in outdoor competitions. Among them, tennis has been taken to delay the start time of the daytime game. rice field.

Due to the heat, about 20 people, including staff and volunteers involved in the tournament management, were treated for heat stroke in the five days from the 24th of this month, when the competition started in earnest, to the 28th. I learned from an interview with the Organizing Committee.

According to the Organizing Committee, everyone is mildly ill.

The Organizing Committee will continue to thoroughly implement measures against heat stroke, such as encouraging staff and volunteers to provide water and salt to replenish them as needed, and making shifts so that they can take regular breaks. I'm going to do it.