Gymnastics icon Simone Biles withdrew from the Nations Cup at the Olympic Games on Tuesday due to 'twisties', which are caused when body and mind are not in balance.

The American gave more explanation about it on Friday.

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Biles called it quits after misdirection on the jump section.

It was initially reported that she was injured, but later it became clear that the top gymnast has mental problems.

Now she explains the 'twisties', where you lose all sense of direction during an exercise.

"I've had it before and it's no fun. It's really scary to do an exercise when body and mind are not in balance. It seems to be due to stress, but I don't know if that works for me too so is," Biles wrote on Instagram on Friday.

"You literally can't separate top and bottom. It's the weirdest feeling ever to not have any control over your body. And what makes it all the more terrifying: when you have no idea where you are while you're in the air , you also have no idea how and where you land. On your head, hands, feet or back..."

'Some don't realize how dangerous this is'

24-year-old Biles, who also withdrew from the all-around, explains that she is still lucky that she landed well during her jump exercise on Tuesday.

“I have no idea how I got on my feet,” she says.

"If you look at the photos and look at my eyes, you can see that I have no idea where I am in the sky. I didn't give up, but my body and mind were simply not in balance. Some don't realize how dangerous this is. "

Biles experienced the 'twisties' earlier in her career.

"Normally it's mostly on floor and jump, but right now I'm experiencing it on every part. That's really annoying. It takes time to get rid of it," she says.

Biles won four golds at the previous Games in Rio de Janeiro five years ago, including in the all-around.

She had set herself the goal of taking six titles in Tokyo.

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