The Australian team participating in the Tokyo Olympics is holding a huge banner in the accommodation building of the Olympic Village to express their gratitude to Japan.

This banner is about eight floors long in the Olympic Village building, and two are hung from the veranda of the room where the Australian team resides.

In English and Japanese, "THANK YOU" and "Thank you from the bottom of my heart" are written to convey the feeling of gratitude for Japanese hospitality.

The banner was put up immediately after the team entered the village, and when the Australian Embassy in Japan introduced it on SNS, it was positive, such as "I will love Australia more and more" and "I hope you can perform at your best". Many voices have been received.

A spokeswoman for the Australian team told NHK, "The athletes have been waiting for the Tokyo Olympics for five years. It was a very difficult event for Japan, but we thank them for their participation in the competition. I wanted it. "