The judo team's women's 78kg class Yoon Hyun-ji (Ansan City Hall, 23rd in the world ranking) succeeded in advancing to the semifinals.

In the quarterfinals of the women's 78kg class at the Tokyo Olympics held at the Japan Budokan in Tokyo today (29th), Yoon Hyun-ji defeated Fischer Steinhuis (Netherlands), who is ranked 5th in the world, by a foul victory after a close match in the Golden Score (overtime) and advanced to the semifinals. .

Hyun-Jin Yoon now wins one more game to secure the silver medal.

Hyun-ji Yoon terrified Steinhaus in the early game.

Stein Huis received a coach (fault) in 1 minute 43 seconds of regular time, and a second map was declared at 2:25 minutes.

Hyun-ji Yoon was given one map because of the camouflage attack at 3 minutes and 3 seconds.

The two players entered the Golden Score without a match for 4 minutes of regular time.

Hyun-ji Yoon continued to push Steinhaus.

Steinhuis played passively at the golden score of 1:13 and received the third instruction and the game was over.

Hyun-ji Yoon also beat a strong opponent in the round of 16.

World No. 7 Natalie Powell (England) tied two halves to a bout.

Hyun-ji Yoon scored half of the score by swiping his thigh in 17 seconds from the start of the game, and succeeded in back-to-back with 1 minute and 24 seconds left to win the match.

In the round of 32 against Nifeli Papadakis (USA, 30th place), he recorded a bout with half of a thigh wrap followed by a half press on the side.

The semi-finals and finals will be held at the same venue this afternoon.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)