A competition on the gymnastics arena has caused a huge whirlpool of controversy.

  On the evening of July 28, Chinese player Xiao Ruoteng won the silver medal in the men's all-around final of the Tokyo Olympics. The referee's scoring aroused anger in tennis and many in the gymnastics circle.

  Olympic all-around king Yang Wei said that the penalty for this competition was slightly unfair, and gymnastics stars such as Chen Yibing and Li Xiaopeng also gave their own opinions... But under the controversy, Xiao Ruoteng, as the protagonist, appeared very calm.

  After the game, he did not question the referee's penalty, but accepted the interview very calmly.

This time he was disappointed, and he only planned to answer with future results.

  For Chinese gymnastics, facing the "hidden rules" of the host, what is needed in the future is to enhance the discourse power and absolute hard power of the international association.

Unfair punishment?

The gold medal was "stolen"

  Before the final horizontal bar competition, Xiao Ruoteng ranked first with 73.999 points, and Hashimoto Daiki ranked third with 73.398 points.

  However, in the final project, the situation changed suddenly. Xiao Ruoteng showed almost perfect performance, but the score was not high. He was deducted 0.3 points because he did not signal to the referee, and only got 14.066 points.

And Hashimoto Daiki got a high score of 14.933, this one produced a gap of nearly 0.9 points.

  In addition, another issue that caused great controversy occurred in the vaulting event-Hashimoto Daiki did not stand firmly when he landed, and even stepped directly on the mat with one foot, but he still scored 14.7 points...

  In contrast, Xiao Ruoteng also chose an action with the same difficulty score, without such a big mistake, but only scored 14.7 points.

Sun Wei, who chose the same difficulty of action, performed perfectly, scoring only 14.9 points, which was only a 0.2 point gap.

Li Xiaopeng's Weibo.

  Such a scoring standard immediately aroused discussion among netizens, and professionals in the gymnastics industry also expressed their views and questioned the penalty of the competition.

  Olympic all-around king Yang Wei said on social media: “Hashimoto’s vaulting, second flight and landing add up to only 0.9, which is indeed slightly unfair.”

  Olympic champion Li Xiaopeng sighed: "Hey, it's not that I don't understand, but I understand too much."

  Olympic champion Chen Yibing also said in an interview that Xiao Ruoteng and Hashimoto Dahui in the vaulting event had different levels of mistakes but got the same score. Among them, there was a "host advantage". And the horizontal bar event Xiao Ruoteng was deducted 0.3 points for failing to compliment. People are incomprehensible and have never experienced it myself.

Controversy abounds, Xiao Ruoteng is personable

  There is also the Olympic champion Zhang Chenglong who is puzzled by the referee's scoring standards.

  He also said on social media: "Hashimoto not only took a big step back when he landed (vaulting), but he also went out of bounds. The final score was 14.7, which is the same as Xiao Ruoteng. I think this score is a bit different. It's fair."

  But when there were many doubts on the Internet, Xiao Ruoteng chose to face it calmly.

  When Hashimoto Daiki was excited to celebrate after the score came out, Xiao Ruoteng's expression of excitement and anticipation faded, but even so, he greeted his opponent generously.

  At the press conference after the game, Xiao Ruoteng, who appeared in front of the reporter, did not appear excited, but rather calm.

  When asked by the host of the press conference to share his feelings after the game, Xiao Ruoteng first said in a low voice: "What am I going to say?" Then he started to speak: "First of all, congratulations to Hashimoto Daiki for winning the first place. I am very happy with everyone’s performance today."

  And for his performance, he is also proud: "I am also very happy with my performance, I think I performed very well."

  Xiao Ruoteng did not directly question the penalty for the competition, and he also thanked the hosting of the Olympic Games: "This is my first Olympic Games. I missed the Rio 2016 due to injury, so this time I cherish it very much. Opportunity to come to Tokyo. Originally, I wanted to come to Tokyo last year, but there was an epidemic, which has an impact on the entire human race."

  "This time everyone is working hard to complete this Olympic Games. I am very touched. This makes us more united and sets a healthy and progressive example for all mankind. I hope everyone will have a beautiful home on the earth in the future."

If you want absolute fairness, don’t come to the competition

  Xiao Ruoteng seems to be mentally prepared for the difficulties of fighting at home in Japan.

  In fact, as early as after the men’s team finals, he told reporters that the team anticipated various unfavorable factors: “(For example, the game is held in Tokyo, everyone’s injuries, etc.”

  As for the performance in the all-around finals, Xiao Ruoteng is indeed qualified to be proud of himself, as he said after the game: "(play) is still good, I am very determined today, I have completed the six events relatively satisfactorily, and I am still relatively small. These six items are considered perfect performance."

  He also thanked his fans: "Thank you very, very much for their support. Two days ago, they gave me so much support. Today, my shoulder doesn't hurt anymore and there is no tape."

  In fact, not only Xiao Ruoteng was participating in the competition with his shoulder injury, but also his teammate Sun Wei was also in the competition with his wrist injury, but while the two players showed great performances, they both showed the same. Kingship.

  "To borrow a passage from the movie "Flying Life":'If you want fairness, come to sports competitions, if you want absolute fairness, don't participate in sports competitions'!" This is Sun Wei's post-match statement.

  And Xiao Ruoteng said on social media that because of the great motherland, he "suddenly can do what he thought was impossible."

  "Injuries, technology, destiny, attitude, these are not things! I am just showing today, what is the will and quality of Chinese athletes! What is courage! What is spirit!"

  Perhaps as Ye Zhennan, the deputy leader of the Chinese gymnastics team, said in an interview with the "People's Daily": "Today, in terms of performance, every item was performed very well, but the scoring project is like this.

Strive for the right to speak and improve absolute strength

  In the sports arena, there have always been such and other puzzling situations in these years-such as the grievances suffered by Chen Yibing in the Olympics in 2012, such as the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, where the host used the penalty to greatly benefit.

  The host’s advantage in scoring items is unavoidable in any competition. This is the "hidden rule" of the Olympics.

  What we can do is to strive for a greater voice in the competent association in gymnastics and other events.

Just like Guoping and Liu Guoliang's response in the World Table Tennis Federation, like Guo Jingjing, the "referee of the referee" in diving.

  Only with absolute competitive strength can the so-called host advantage be unable to play.

  And Xiao Ruoteng, who has a strong heart, will not lack the opportunity to prove himself with his achievements in the future.

If you lose it, you must take it back with your own hands.

  The Paper Journalist Pu Yaolei and Ma Zuoyu from Tokyo